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Create a web-site for a french school in Kiev

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I am from France and I want to start a school of French in Kiev. For this I need a web site, so I'm looking for a web-developer who could make it. The site may have pretty simple structure and also I'd like to have it the possibility to pay on-line. The term - 1 week (preferably, by Friday).

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  3. 3 дня8 000 ₴
    Олег Ткачик
    250     2  0

    I can do Landing for your school.

    For communication:
    TELEGRAM - https://t.me/olegtkachuk

    Украина Львов | 12 августа 2019 |
  4. 7 дней8 000 ₴
    Денис Шурыгин
    1195     16  0   1

    Hello! I have read your assignment.

    I will develop a design for you website, taking into account your wishes.
    The whole job will be done in time.

    Before starting work, I would like to clarify a couple of details.

    Address, we will realize your ideas in life.

    Россия Тула | 12 августа 2019 |
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  6. 7 дней8 000 ₴
    Михаил Гриценко
    671     3  0   1

    Good! But, I need a more detailed description of the site structure to get started!

    Украина Украина | 12 августа 2019 |
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  8. 7 дней10 000 ₴
    Taras Dyda
    341     1  0

    Hello, I am ready to fulfill your order. I would like to suggest to create the site based on the the most modern version of JavaScript. It will be easy for me to create a simple but amazing design. I am sure you will be amazed by result. I have an experiance with: JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SSS, SASS, MongoDB, MySQL, Bootstrap...

    Украина Львов | 13 августа 2019 |
  9. 5 дней8 000 ₴
    Максим Максимов
    999     24  0

    А зачем это балабольство что вы с Франции?
    С построения речи видно что пригород Киева)))

    Украина Хмельницкий | 12 августа 2019 |
  10. 7 дней7 890 ₴
    Виталий Бут
    1118     21  1   3

    I will be glad to cooperate! I create (coding, html/css) templates, sites, shops, lp / CMS about 6-years
    Web-design, layout, programming (php / js), -7 years;
    Optimization of SEO promotion, adjustment of advertising campaigns - 3 years.
    CMS: Wordpress / PrestaShop / Opencart / Joomla / Bitrix/MODX
    Frameworks: Laravel / Symphony / Yii
    Skills: php/html/css/MySQL/js/Photoshop
    Examples of works (from scratch on a turn-key basis):

    Skype wbs-online

    Украина Токмак | 12 августа 2019 |
  11. 7 дней8 000 ₴
    Екатерина Кк
    716     9  0

    Complete your project observing all wishes and requirements.
    I consider my advantage - I can give out a full-fledged product. I work for a reputable company.

    There is a portfolio, please rate)

    Let's discuss in more detail in personal correspondence

    Украина Киев | 12 августа 2019 |
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  13. 1 день8 000 ₴
    Пулатов Камрон

    There is work experience!

    BY TIME:
    I’ll take up the project tonight!
    In time from 1 to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the work!
    I will try to do as quickly as possible!

    It will cost from $ 10 to $ 100, depending on the complexity of the work!
    Only have a request! Send me a technical task in PM!
    I can contact via Telegram: https: //t.me/tot_kto_dobetsa_uspexa

    HTML / HTML5
    CSS / CSS3
    JavaScript / jQuery
    I will do everything quickly, accurately, beautifully and at a bargain price!

    You can also see my projects in my portfolio!

    Let's get in touch and we will discuss your idea and idea!

    Россия Москва | 12 августа 2019 |
  14. 7 дней8 000 ₴
    Александр Ковальский
    405     1  0

    Hi, I can make this project
    Contact with me on this web site
    But for fast reaction u can write to:
    Telegram: KovalskyA
    Skype: KovalskyS

    Украина Киев | 12 августа 2019 |
  15. 986
       3  0

    7 дней8 000 ₴

    Christian, здравствуйте!
    С удовольствием возьмусь за ваш заказ!

    Занимаюсь веб разработкой более 3 лет, пишу чистый, оптимизированный код.
    Сделаю все максимально быстро ) и качественно - перед сдачей проекта тестирую его на валидность (W3C) и оптимизацию (Google speed).
    Работаю в связке Gulp+sass+pug.

    Украина Мариуполь | 12 августа 2019 |
  16. 7 дней8 000 ₴
    Vahagn Hovhannisyan

    Thnk you for the job announcement. I am ready to work on this project but it would be fine if you provide me with more details so as I can offer real price.
    Here are som of my skills:
    HTML / HTML5, CSS / CSS3
    JavaScript / jQuery
    PHP, Yii2, Laravel, etc.
    I am looking forward to hear from you.

    Армения Erevan | 13 августа 2019 |
  17. 5 дней8 000 ₴
    Студия iCreative
    956     10  0

    Good day!
    Ready to get started.
    But, we need a more detailed description of the site structure to get started.
    Site: https://icreative.com.ua
    Skype: icreative-ua
    Email: [email protected]

    Украина Черкассы | 13 августа 2019 |
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  • Дмитрий Я.
    12 августа 2019 |

    do you have technical documentation?

  • Евгений Романенко
    12 августа 2019 |

    Little money for such a project )))

  • Профиль удален
    12 августа 2019 |


    Well. It's possible to develop and start the site by Friday - with features like user registration, payment, members area for registered user, adminstration area. Will be gald to reply to any of your questions!

  • Профиль удален
    12 августа 2019 |

    I'm on whatapps/viber (english)