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25 000 ₴

Design new UI for a manga comics website 18+

прием ставок

- We want to improve our existing design to make it more modern, improve user experience and add new missing features.

- 80% of users are coming from phones and tablets. The mobile version of the site must be well though and intuitive

- Ideally we are looking for a person familiar with similar sites to make his own suggestions as a user

Current website https://www.8muses.com/comics (18+)

Example of sites we like: 

https://nhentai.net/ (18+)

Other popular sites:

https://e-hentai.org/g/1029830/ae75a75881/  (18+) (enable thumbnails mode)

The design is bad, but it has all the features we plan to add. So check how they work.


- Dark colors

- More modern

- Improve navigation

- Ads must stay in same places and visible on the design

- Fluid design 

- Well thought out UI and UX

- In many places we could pull information from our forum. For example show relevant discussions to the comic or search the user is viewing


- Overall improvements

Comic page:

- Show comic information on top

- Show tags, title including the parent title, number of pages, last update,

- Allow users to add their own tags. (full logic must be designed)

- Favorite button 

- Like/Dislike

- Download album. Must open popup with links to popular download services

- Add album to a list. Create/manage lists

- Recommendations. Show in a different style other comics that are similar to this one that the user might like

Image page:

- Improve UI and UX. Show elements from the comic page like favourite, like, tags...

Category page/User Profile page/Search results page

- Similar to homepage but with additional information. Do own research about how other sites do this and find best way.

Login/register page

- A better login and registration page

- Add captcha check


- Regular stuff like change password

- Invite friends via email, see how many invites left

Anything else you think is best. Please include if you understand the project and if you have experience with other similar sites. The best designer would be an existing user of similar sites.

Обновление #1 от 8 сентября в 23:55
Note that the structure of the site is planned to change.
No more sub-albums. All albums will only contain images. And logic linking them will be in the tags like author, category...
Its similar to both examples sites I mentioned

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    14 дней25 000 ₴

    Hi, Jack! My name is Vlad. I'm UI/UX designer, who's eager to improve and refresh design on your website)
    You can check out my Dribble portfolio in order to see my recent projects.

    Would be pleasure to work with you

    Украина Кропивницкий (Кировоград) | 9 сентября в 00:31 |
  2. 1 день25 000 ₴
    Анатолій Демченко
     672  проверен   23  2   1

    Hi, I read comics (for the most part manga but also adore American comics in the likeness of deadpool or others from the first series of comics) for about 12 years, during this time I was on various sites like Russian (in the likeness of http://readmanga.me/ or https://mangaclub.ru/) and on foreign sites (mainly https://mangarock.com/ and http://fanfox.net/). For all this time I read a huge number of works of various genres and I am ABSOLUTELY sure that I can develop an interface that will be convenient and attractive to users. If you are interested, write to me, I will be glad to discuss everything with you.

    Украина Харьков | 9 сентября в 02:26 |
  3. 28 дней25 000 ₴
    Алексей Беднов

    Hello. I'm ui/ux designer and frontend-developer.
    I am a visitor to your site and during my use I have identified many aspects for correction.
    I will be glad to improve this site.

    Беларусь Минск | 9 сентября в 03:31 |
  4. 5 дней25 000 ₴
    Александр Клетров
     514   12  0

    Good day! I am ready to start the project and make your site convenient on mobile and on the desktop. There is one example of a site where you can design yours.

    I will be glad to cooperate, write to the PM.

    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 09:28 |
  5. 10 дней25 000 ₴
    Константин Воловик
     655  проверен   9  0

    Добрый день.
    Работаю в Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, XD, Zeplin
    Готов обсудить. Для быстрой коммуникации телеграм @exxtremum



    Украина Харьков | 9 сентября в 10:13 |
  6. 25 дней25 000 ₴
    Константин Веб
     295   1  0


    I can definitely help you on your project. I am ready to start work on it and can provide you quick updates. But there are moments that need to be discussed in order to fully understand the scope of work and a needed time. So let's chat to discuss the details of your project, as I need to know more and to understand it better.

    A brief info about me:
    I am a web designer with over 7 years of experience. During this time, I has participated in more than 350 projects.
    Long-term cooperation is important for me, so I do all the work efficiently and on time. Approval only takes place after a detailed discussion and consideration of all the wishes of the customer.

    Examples of my work:


    Украина Сумы | 9 сентября в 10:44 |
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  8. 20 дней25 000 ₴
    Дмитрий Пилкин


My name is Dima and i’m UX/UI designer with 6 years of experience located in Kyiv, Eastern Europe (GMT +02:00).

    I’ve checked the requirements you gave and feel confident in the ability to help you with your design project since I have experience in launching similar ones.

    We’d start with meeting your brand guidelines and goals and them go to design work and make a great look and feel of your product.

    Also, you can take a look at my Dribbble account:https://dribbble.com/sprinter 

I’d like to chat with you to ask a couple questions about the job itself to realize the scope and requirements. Feel free to contact me and say hello.


    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 20:38 |
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  10. 28 дней25 000 ₴
    Vitalij Spesivtsev

    Hey. I am familiar with sites of similar subjects (chan.sankarucomplex.com, gelbooru.com, yande.re, danbooru.donmai.us, etc.), the project is personally interesting to me.

    The design of the responsive (mobile and tablet) version I propose to develop in the first place - it is more efficient and easier to form the entire design system of the project, and this will help in further supporting the site.

    I have 2+ years of experience in web and adaptive interfaces. I will be glad to cooperate.

    Украина Киев | 13 сентября в 14:03 |
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  12. 15 дней25 000 ₴
    Ігор Кравець
     6030  проверен   67  0

    I can make re-design of your manga web-site.
    Please contact me in privat massages.

    My portfolio

    Украина Каменка-Бугская | 17 сентября в 11:04 |
  13. 30 дней25 000 ₴
    Андрій Мудрик

    We can help u just hit me back)
    Good and old Adult always live)

    Украина Львов | 17 сентября в 12:38 |
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  2. 1 день25 555 ₴
    Maximus WEB
     398   2  0

    Hi! I'm UI/UX Desginer.
    the last projects.
    1) https://tokensale.neironix.io/
    2) https://map.shtab.net
    3) https://blackroll.me/
    4) http://tehnoknauf.ru
    5) https://www.cyfrapro.com
    Telegram: @jakeyweb
    [email protected]

    Украина Украина | 8 сентября в 23:54 |
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    20 дней25 000 ₴

    I am UI/UX Designer

    📍Can you please tell me more about your website ? Do you have more examples?

    You can visit my portfolio pages:

    I would be happy to discuss your project!

    Best regards

    Украина Одесса | 8 сентября в 23:56 |
  4. 15 дней25 000 ₴
    Адам Крокет
     371   4  0   1

    Hi. I work with designer UI/UX.
    We have never done similar projects before, but we really want to try. We looked at your site and noticed a lot of detail what we can improve. If u want to see our portfolie just text me.))

    Украина Киев | 8 сентября в 23:58 |
  5. 14 дней25 000 ₴
    Andrew Barchuk
     2499  проверен   48  1

    hi jack, ready to make a quality design for your project, full project support from start to finish

    Украина Львов | 9 сентября в 00:01 |
  6. 15 дней25 000 ₴
    Кирилл Тараненко
     586   13  0

    I am UI/UX Designer.
    Some of my work:
    Worked with a similar theme. I will send links in private messages.

    Skype: taranenko2308
    jabber: [email protected]
    Telegram: @taranenko2308

    Украина Кременчуг | 9 сентября в 00:13 |
  7. 7 дней25 000 ₴
    Андрей Игнатенко
     291   4  1

    design only? not a problem
    can do better than example you like
    Folio (not full)

    over 10 years exp


    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 00:35 |
  8. 7 дней25 000 ₴
    Мария Костылева
     367   1  0

    I’m a mobile/web designer and developer with more than eight years of experience in the market, I work with what I love.
    I'm a freelancer with a focus on the best solutions.
    Let's make something cool!

    Украина Украина | 9 сентября в 09:26 |
  9. 7 дней25 000 ₴
    Таисия Здановская

    Hello, I’m ready, I’ve read the tasks, I’m ready to take part in the redesign of your website
    Check out my portfolio:
    I will help you!

    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 09:54 |
  10.  3504 
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    21 день25 000 ₴
    Даша Капустян проверен 

    Portfolio -

    Extreme proets

    Украина Харьков | 9 сентября в 10:03 |
  11. 4 дня25 000 ₴
    Anastasia Koriahina
     445   3  0

    Ready to start the project.
    Portfolio: https://www.bechance.net/nastynay14ea

    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 10:35 |
  12. 9 дней25 000 ₴
    Юрий Тарута


    15 000$ (Design only)
    Examples of works: ourwork.kl.com.ua
    Contact us.

    Sincerely. Yuri

    E-mail:[email protected]

    Украина Украина | 9 сентября в 12:02 |
  13. 14 дней30 000 ₴
    Игорь Скрипниченко
     426  проверен 

    We are web-studio Pear Sulution. Our team develops a many differents site and online store.
    We have a UX/UI design Department and we can help you.
    Our site an case:

    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 12:38 |
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  15. 30 дней25 000 ₴
    Paul Liubchenko

    Hey! We can handle your request.
    Also, we can do motion design,2D and 3D animation as well.
    Portfolio: .
    Email: [email protected]
    Web site: lightlinesmediagroup.com
    Telegram: @llmgoffice
    Best Regards!

    Украина Львов | 9 сентября в 14:31 |
  16. 30 дней25 000 ₴
    Елена Донченко

    With pleasure I will execute for you design of a site.
    I'd be happy to cooperate.

    Украина Буча | 9 сентября в 15:04 |
  17. 14 дней25 000 ₴
    Маргарита Ретуева
     1627   92  4   2

    Чистый современный дизайн.
    Детальный подход. Желаемый результат.
    Любые вопросы и консультации в личной переписке.

    портфолио: swan-design.tilda.ws
    telegram: @margo_lecter

    *есть доступ к платным стокам.

    Украина Киев | 9 сентября в 19:55 |
  18. 15 дней25 000 ₴
    Владислав Г.
     2769  проверен   56  0   3

    Hi. My name is Vladislav, I"m UI/UX designer.

    I am ready to complete your project

    My portfolio on Freelancehunt:

    Skype: Homya4ok4

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Telegram and Viber: +380991928389

    Украина Харьков | 10 сентября в 07:24 |
  19. 7 дней25 000 ₴
    Ирина Гайдукова
     1796   53  0   3

    Hi, Jack! My name is Irina, I am WEB UI / UX Designer, experience 2+ years.

    My portfolio


    I will be glad to cooperate with you!

    Украина Харьков | 10 сентября в 09:24 |
  20. 14 дней25 000 ₴
    Сергій Кащаєв
     694  проверен   5  0

    Hello, Jack Shepard! I could create greate and user friendly design for your site. If you interested to cooperate, please text me. Have a nice day!

    Tel./Viber - 0638344527
    Telegram - Serhiidesign
    Skype - live:work.serhii.k
    Mail - [email protected]

    Украина Хмельницкий | 10 сентября в 12:01 |
  21. 7 дней25 000 ₴
    Карина Бондаренко
     366   1  0

    Hi! I would like to work on your project make it more modern and improve UX. I have an experience in design more than 4 years, follow human-centered and atomic design principles.

    You will find my works here

    Also I think I could create something like this ?tracking_source=search%7Cmovie

    Best regards,

    Украина Харьков | 10 сентября в 14:22 |
  22. 10 дней25 000 ₴
    Юлия Дударева
     300   2  0

    Good day!
    With pleasure I will take up your project.
    There is experience in performing such work. I work until full approval!
    I always listen to the opinion of the customer and offer my ideas.
    Let's discuss all the details in Viber +380963577147

    Украина Новая Каховка | 10 сентября в 17:38 |
  23. 20 дней25 000 ₴
    Вячеслав Фесенко
     2132  проверен   78  3   6

    Ready to implement your project.
    Professionally engaged in design for 20+ years.
    Portfolio can be viewed on my website www.fesenko.com.ua
    My contacts:
    +38 050 928 69 18 (viber/telegram)
    skype: karmakillersl
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Украина Киев | 11 сентября в 07:55 |
  24.  756 
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    20 дней25 000 ₴
    Артём Панфилов проверен 

    Hello, I am interested in your project.

    You can see the level of my work at the links below

    Украина Сумы | 11 сентября в 14:54 |
  25. 14 дней25 000 ₴
    Ирина WUTTdesign
     2499   44  2

    Good afternoon! I see several flaws in the interface. It is also obviously necessary to improve the design, to make it more modern. Make sorting by popularity and views. Contact me if you like my portfolio.
    PS: great content, by the way.

    Украина Киев | 16 сентября в 16:28 |

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