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1 000 ₴

Drupal QA (Please do not apply if you don't understand English!)

Заказчик не желает делать предоплату? Оплата через Сейф поможет избежать возможного мошенничества.
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    2 дня1 000 ₴

    Hi. I have experience in testing about four years. I wrote all test documentation on English. I'm interesting in your proposal.

  2. 253  
    1 день1 000 ₴

    I'm writing all the documentation on English. Test cases, checklists etc. But I no good speaking.
    My email
    [email protected]

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    1 день900 ₴

    I am ready to test any projects. I have 11 years of practical experience in testing.

  4. 332  
    1 день2 000 ₴

    12 years in Software Testing and Quality Assurance. 2+ years in testing Drupal7 \ Drupal8 projects for European customers (all communications are in English). It would be a huge plus to work together and build customer's satisfaction.

    I'm ready to discuss the partnership. Please feel free to contact me in Skype and\or LinkedIn.

    Have a good day!

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    1 день1 000 ₴

    Hello Chris!
    I`m interested in your offer. I have been working as QA Engineer for 2 years. I worked on such projects as Building Reserve, ZenHQ and other projects for European customers. For me, testing is not just a way to earn money, but something that I really enjoy doing. You may find more information about me on my linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/in/roman-bassaraba-25190b147// . I agree to sign NDA and start my work. We can discuss all details of our partnership in private.

    Best regards,

  6. 268  
    30 дней10 000 ₴

    Hi, I’m ready to start working on your project! I have an experience like QA engineer in E-Commerce projects and different computer games. The NDA – it is not a problem for me if it is necessary.
    I will be apprecited if we will discuss our partnerships

  7. 265  
    1 день60 000 ₴

    Hi, interesting to hear more from you about project. Let's start our journey asap :)

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