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Freelance writers with fluent English

истекло время актуальности

We are looking for talented freelance writers with fluent English and strong writing ability, who are experienced in research and writing assignments for academic and business purposes — essays, reports, research papers for different fields of studies.

Duties & Responsibilities: writing of academic papers in English (essays, reports, reviews, resumes, research papers etc) in various areas as Marketing, Management, Economics, Law, Art, Business IT, Technology, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics, History, Medicine, Religion, Natural Science, Literature,  Psychology or other.

Required skills:

Fluent English

Higher Education

Excellent research and writing skills

Clear writing, attention to detail  and excellent accuracy (spelling, punctuation, grammar)

Logic and creativity;

Self-motivation, self-organization

We offer:

Challenging and interesting projects

Flexible working schedule

Friendly professional team

Professional support

Salary, dependent on your personal efforts.

If you are interested, send your resume and your examples of an original writing (essay on any topic, 100-150 words). We are looking forward for productive cooperation with you.

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  1. ставка скрыта фрилансером
  2. 2 дня5 $
    Олена Чучак

    Hello! My name is Helen I am 29 yo, I saw your vacancy and found it interesting.
    I am indepedent writer (creative writing, articles, short stories, etc. and traslator
    here is a few of my old blogs
    Now i am writing a book (Enlish, Ukrainian)
    My page on fb - https://www.facebook.com/bonna.shejve
    I speak English, Polish Russian and Ukrainian (native speaker)
    Examples of my articles you can find in My Profile, in section - My portfolio
    or I can send you in mail (mail adress is requared)

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask

    Best regards, Helen

    Украина Дубно | 30 декабря 2015 |
  3. 1 день100 $
    Дум Олександр
     159   2  0

    Hello.Medicine is my specialisation. Examples of my writing is in profile. If you are interested- contact me.

    Украина Украина | 31 декабря 2015 |
  4. 5 дней10 $
    Нелля К.
     828  проверен   8  0

    Hello Julia,

    I’m a writer, a native English speaker, as well as a Voice Talent for recording texts needed. I don’t speak Russian so I can guarantee 100% all my writing, and recordings for this reason.

    I’ve been a freelance writer for about 5 years, and a Voice Talent for 6 years. I’m experienced in Social Media, different types of both business, and social Reports, I do research every time I have a project, I write both academic, and business from essays to proposals, and from business plans to public relations types of promotions. I’ve written on Technology Philosophy, Social Studies, History, some Literature, and different techniques of Psychology, as well as Web SEO writing (Web Content Writing).

    Some of my favorite projects are History, and Nature, but I’m experienced in multiple areas of different writing, and human experiences as well.

    Under my belt of experience, I have been involved in many different areas of marketing and project management from corporate loss prevention and human relations, to upper management level types of writing. I have written for direct response email, and am a qualified copywriter. I am associated with organizations that specialize in the fields of writing: www.Hubspot.com, www.AWAIonline.com, and others.

    I’ve written video scripts, documentaries, and ebooks. I’ve written movie scripts, and my current project is a Cirque Du Soleil show.

    My websites are: www.PepperMadeCopy.com and www.RainMadeCopy.com.

    You can contact me via skype: ChrisVoices when you have time.

    A benefit to you, I am in Ukraine at the moment with my wife. You can call:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Chris (Voice) Carter

    Украина Украина | 1 января 2016 |
  5. 9 дней300 $
    Микола Федорів
     2456  проверен   56  0

    Выполню Вашу задачу!
    Свяжитесь со мной:

    Украина Ивано-Франковск | 1 января 2016 |
  6. 2 дня5 $
    Виктор Калиниченко
     235   2  0

    Hello, I'm freelance writer. I write basically articles on different topics, sometimes write biographies. I'll cope with any other type.
    Thank's in advance.

    Украина Кривой Рог | 13 января 2016 |