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Full-time middle-senior Node.js Developer

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    1 день1000 ₴

    Good afternoon! Our development team has experienced Node.js experts at the Middle / Senior level. We have been working in the field of web/mobile development since 2012. There is also a lot of experience with highly loaded APIs. You can count on the efficiency and high-quality of work performed. Ready to discuss terms of cooperation.

    Best regards, Georgiy!

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    30 дней80 000 ₴

    Hi there!
    I have got relevant experience

    NodeJS (and express, koa, impress, fastify, e.g) and solid knowledge event-loop and v8
    Deep knowledge in Postgres, Postgis, PL/pgSQL
    NoSQL databases such as MongoDB(+mongoose), Neo4j
    Redis and Lua
    Containerization tools: Docker,docker-compose, Kubernetes
    proxy-server: Nginx, Apache
    GoogleMaps API (geocoding, directions, places)
    gRPC and http/2
    telegram API

    Deployment on any platform: Linux(ubuntu, fedora, mint), Windows Server, Heroku and much more
    Construction and design of microservices architecture
    Experience with real-time applications

    Contact me in private messages or by mail

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    30 дней337 ₴


    If you are interested in the quality of the company, at the price of a private trader.
    We have a special offer for quarantine.
    All developers are transferred to remote work.
    In order not to reduce programmers, we are ready to take projects at cost, which would be enough only for the salaries of the guys.

    At the moment, I would like to see a detailed technical task. In order not to rush with a premature assessment if you want to work at a fixed price. We can also help to compile it if you need help.

    At prices:
    1. We can offer a fixed price after elaboration of the statement of work.
    2. Outstaffing 168 hours a month, there will be 13 dollars per hour for the middle developer (we send CVs on request)
    3. The hourly hour will be at $ 17 per hour for the middle developer (CV will be sent on request)

    In order that you would not worry about the quality of work and the choice of artist. We can start with a small part of the assignment with a separate mail server, say for $ 40. If you like the work, we can continue further.

    Sincerely, Mikhail Kukhlenko.

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    1 день2500 ₴

    Hello! Ready to help. Average Rate
    How can I discuss the details?
    You can see the work here >>> https://avada-media.ua/portfolio/

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    1 день1111 ₴

    Hi. I have revelant experience. 3 years with node + mongo, worked on 5 big projects. good architecture skills and expirience in scaling apps. Also have expirience in writing unit, functional, load tests jest/mocha

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    1 день1000 ₴

    Здравствуйте! Помогу с реализацией Вашего проекта!

    Пишите, спасибо
    С уважением, Евгений