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IOS app for Triplan

истекло время актуальности

Following requirements:

General definition:

1. The app should support iPhone 5 and above.

2. The source code will be saved in github repository and will be TRIPLAN property.

3. The app will be published to Apple App Store under TRIPLAN company (property).

App Specification:

4. The app will generate a unique ID for every unique user upon app launch and only for the first time. the unique ID should be stored on user local device and should be used every time a user works with the app.

5. The app should display a webview control that covers all the app screen.

6. The app will send GET request to a given url and will get from this url a json object with the following fields:

  • appUrl
  • pollingInterval
  • gpsStoreUrl

7. The app will navigate to this link in the webview and will concate the unique id to the given url.


without Unique ID: http://triplan.com

with Unique ID: http://triplan.com?uid=xxxxxx

8. The app will poll every given time (from json object) user geoposition in the background and will send it to a given url with the user id.

9. In a case a user clicks on external link from the app, the app should open the page internally inside the application without exit the user from the app in a separate browser. User should remain in the app context and not exit / be navigated to the external site.

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  1.  фрилансер больше не работает на сервисе
  2. 1 день50000 ₴
    Константин Власенко
     308   2  0   1

    I am a team manager of talented mobile developers for ayos and android. All the guys in my team are not lower than the middle level and have 3+ years of experience.
    I myself have been conducting projects for more than 4 years. I have more than 30 completed projects.

    We got acquainted with the requirements and believe that we could help in the implementation of the project!

    I propose to discuss the details in personal correspondence.

    Украина Киев | 17 марта в 14:16 |
  3. 14 дней45000 ₴
    Александр Белый
     579   2  0

    I have read your job requirements carefully and I must say that I consider myself the right fit for this position.
    With over 4 years of experience in Custom Android App Development I help organizations implement complex Android applications. I work with a wide range of technologies, such as Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, UIKit, Foundation, AVFoundation, Video streaming, REST API, sockets,web-sockets, WAMP, Location services, Push-Notifications, Local notifications, MVC,MVVM, VIPER, SOLID, OOP, Core Data, SQLite.
    I have background working with leading Ukrainian IT companies , such as Lohika.
    You can benefit from a fast delivery of all tasks. I have a wonderful team of skilled professionals, who enable me to get the work done 2-3 times faster comparing to others freelancers.
    I am very organised.
    I prefer to use Gradle as a built tool, Git as control version system, Slack for communication, Jira as task and bug- tracking system.
    I believe that communication is crucial in understanding needs of each other, so I suggest talking via Skype or Upwork to ensure that we are a good match.
    Let me know if you interested and we will discuss the details of the project
    Best regards,
    Alex Beliy

    Украина Киев | 17 марта в 16:12 |
  4. 7 дней30000 ₽
    Федор Демченко

    Hello, Zohar
    Will do
    Have you any mock-ups as for app's UI ?

    skype art-coral
    WA +380967001820

    Украина Харьков | 18 марта в 10:09 |
  5. 123 дня12346 ₴
    Borys Sanin
     376   1  0

    примерно 45-50 часов работы, но нужно еще увидеть дизайн . готов сотрудничать. обращайтесь, лучше меня не найдете))

    Украина Львов | 18 марта в 13:42 |