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    123 дня1234 UAH

    Interested in cooperation with you! Ready for dialogue and discussion of the project!
    Some of my work Freelancehunt

    Maxim Nikitin!

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    2 дня200 UAH

    Hello :)

    I'm a very motivated designer and I'm interested to do your project in my best and in the shortest terms.
    I'm ready to do the work for minimal pay and your review.
    I can start working immediately.
    You can see examples of my works in my profile.

    Can you tell me more about your project?

    Write me and we will discuss all details and nuances!

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    2 дня2222 UAH

    Здравствуйте, готов обсудить задачу
    Опыт 2 года
    Владею фигмой хорошо
    Портфолио тут Freelancehunt

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    2 дня2000 UAH

    Здравствуйте! Готова к сотрудничеству!
    Работаю в программах Adobe Photoshop, Figma
    Вот мое портфолио https://alina.webline24.com/

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    2 дня1000 UAH

    Hello! I will be very glad to work in a cool team! I have Freelance work experience for about 6 months, I completed Web Design courses at the Projector school! I speak Figma, Photoshop, and Corel.

    My portfolio


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    30 дней8000 UAH

    👩🔧I'm available to work part-time or full-time
    😁I have high understanding of figma layouts/grids/systems. In free time I enthusiastically learn more about design/figma and front-end basics of development html/CCS
    💁And also can work with Tilda/webflow of nessecary
    ✅I high quality skilled in searching info, knowledge of English, and also I doing me part work in terms.
    Please contact me dm I will be glad to become part of team!
    💁Some layouts here Behance
    🌏I work through this service firstly for you and my savety
    📩Contact me today I'm waiting and free to discuss project/

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    1 день1111 UAH

    I'm web designer, and I enjoying my job
    Work with team is interesting for me
    Please write me in Direct

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    123 дня1234 UAH


    I’m a creative UI/UX Designer with a passion for building responsive and engaging websites. With my three years of experience designing webpages that exceed clients’ expectations, I think I would be a great addition to your team

    Portfolio: Dribbble Freelancehunt

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    7 дней1000 UAH

    Good day. My name is Max and I from Ukraine. I'm UX/UI designer. I have got more than 4 years of experience in web design studio.

    My portfolio on Dribble: Dribbble
    My portfolio on Behance: Behance

    Write me if You interesting. Good day to You.

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    3 дня1234 UAH

    Hello!I will be glad to work in your team)
    Please write me)))

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    28 дней12 345 UAH


    I read your wishes, I am ready to discuss in more detail, I have experience in Figma, I specialize in UX/UI design.

    Ьy skill level is hard junior, I am also constantly learning and I am not afraid to do, and then correct my mistakes.

    Portfolio here Behance

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    1 день1000 UAH

    Hi there! I am interested in your vacancy as a beginner in web design!
    In graphic design for 6 years, she completed web design courses and worked as a freelancer! Now in search of stability and team! I will be very glad to cooperate))

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    30 дней10 000 UAH

    Hello! I read your offer and I was interested in this vacancy.
    When designing a site with "0", I analyze the pain and goals of CA and business, make sketches, detailed prototypes, think of UX, make a mudboard and then create UI options.
    I work with atomic design and create UI kit.
    I am developing a rubber, adaptive design.
    I will be very happy to benefit your company and complete the test task.
    Thanks, I'll be waiting for feedback.
    I read your assignment carefully.

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    5 дней5000 UAH

    I'm junior web designer, working in the consructor Figma. I have experience working with a web-studio remotely. Also I can create landing pages, e-commerce websites, adaptives, prototypes. Some of my works you can see in my portfolio. I like web design, because it's not just a hobby for me, it's much more that! I'd like to work in your creative team and get an experience from professionalists, because it's very important for my career. I will be glad to cooperate with you!

    My portfolio:

    Sincerely, Kate.

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    1 день200 UAH

    Сделаю быстро и качественно.
    Я занимаюсь 3d моделированием, 3d визуализацией, 3d видеоанимацией, видеомонтажом, листингом товаров, а также разработкой концепций разной степени сложности архитектурных проектов, дизайном интерьеров и экстерьеров, предметным дизайном, разработкой прототипов мебели (разработанные и произведенные прототипы возили на Международную Мебельную выставку в Канаду, после были запущены в серийное производство), промышленным дизайном для серийного производства (разработанный уличный светильник установили в больших количествах в разных значимых городах в разных странах). Отличные знания в эргономике, нормативной базы в области строительного проектирования. Большой практический опыт. Творческий подход к работе. Работаю в программах 3ds Max 2021+V-Ray 5+Corona 7.1, SketchUp 2021+V-Ray 5, AutoCAD 2021, Revit 2021, Photoshop 2021, Lumion 12, After Effects 2021, Archicad 24. Моё портфолио https://3ddomkiev.wixsite.com/website-2

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    2 дня333 UAH

    I am a very motivated and aspiring designer. I have a great desire in the symbiosis of our cooperation.
    Working with Figma, Photoshop, Tilda


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    2 дня200 UAH

    Я графічний дизайнер із 7-річним досвідом.
    Дуже цікаво, можна дізнатися подробиці ?.

    Моє портфоліо
    Пишіть мені, обговоримо всі деталі

    З повагою, Владислав

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