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Копирайтер (англ) Крипто

  1. ставка скрыта фрилансером
  2. ставка скрыта фрилансером
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    Hello! I have maximum experience working and writing wikipedia pages, while at the same time knowing english at its maximum potential. Would be more than happy to help!

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    Добрый день Егор,
    Я филолог английского языка,
    Есть более 5 лет работы копирайтером и переводчиком
    Могу скинуть примеры работ в сообщения
    Цена за 1000 спб- 190 грн

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    Having experience writing informative and SEO-optimized articles on various topics, I believe that I could become a great addition to your project.

    You can check my writing samples here: Google Drive

    I work at a rate of $40 per 1000 words. If that works for you, please contact me so we could discuss the details.

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    Hi. I am ready to help you.

    My name is Mike Cho. I am a result-oriented writer. I have experience in various academic fields including technology, social science, architecture, psychology, business, and other. I strive to deliver a quality writing service way before the deadline for my clients.
    My fundamental principles are quality articles, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. My papers are of high quality with 0% Plagiarism. The ideas I bring into every custom writing are purely original. I deliver comprehensive papers that have a logical flow and are easily understandable. I have a great passion for education and mostly spend my time doing research and reading books. My four years' experience in essay writing services has equipped me with excellent skills that ensure my papers are of the best quality leading to outstanding grades. I am ever-present and can work on an urgent order with much ease.

    Rate: $1,35 per 100 words



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    Здравствуйте. Уровень английского - С1
    lived and worked in UK 3 years

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    Напишу статью про крипто согласно всем требованиям. С SEO хорошо знакома.
    С уважением, Виктория