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Mobile UI/UX Design

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    Hello! I'm interested in your offer. So I'd love to take part in your project.
    I'd like to know more details about it in private messages.
    I create my design in such programs like Figma, Adobe Photoshop, XD, Illistrator.
    My portfolio with mobile app design is here : Google Drive

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    Hello, my name is Max.
    I am intrested in your project.
    My goal is my clients succes which I perceive as my own.

    I do graphic design more than 5 years and my areas of expertise are:
    • logo design.
    • UI design (Websites, Landing pages, Mobile apps, etc..)
    So, if you need to develop design for your website, landing page, mobile app or dovelop logo hire me.

    • I developing and offer at least 3-4 diferent variants for your to choice. less

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    I have experience with similar projects and work in a team of designers.
    Also сan sent you additional examples.

    Our web: http://1652-studio.com/
    We guarantee quality and timeliness.

    Качественный дизайн для хороших проектов!

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    Hello! I have experience in the design of applications for iPhone and Android. I would like to know more about the project.