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Team members This is for what I'd call "one team". Once they are working on "one project", that's it. They need to work on that, and nothing else, until it is completed.

1. a real designer, someone who knows what looks good, can produce real graphics, illustrations etc, and design pages properly, as well as do UX testing later in the dev cycle. Helps with animation planning, storyboards, user visit lifecycle

2. full-stack developer who writes Angular2 and Typescript on the front-end and Meteor/TypeScript on the backend. Implements most of the features, models, services etc. heavy lifting, not a designer in any sense, writes code to documented specs which he helps create.

3. HTML5 animator, who can translate JSON data and game concepts into things like graphs, charts, dice animations, card animations. In addition, he writes all the markup for the site, and all the CSS. So, he's into D3, CreateJS and things such as this.

4. Data Engineer. His job is to assist #2 in writing and maintaining our data models, deciding which data needs to be stored in Redis and which should be in Mongo, and which would need to be in  newSQL (or, god forbid, postgre if we really cannot get on board with newSQL). This would be the guy who writes the markup and front-end JS to give us the data views in the format #3 needs to create his visualizations as well as the formats that would be needed to generate just the right kind of reports and real-time data for the customer service on the backend or for the C-level and board of directors to view our progress over time.

5.  UX Quality Assurance analyst, this person works very closely with the team members to make sure that the customer is well represented throughout the development cycle, and guarantees that code is human-tested and machine-tested. Probably a full-stack developer but not necessarily going to write a lot of code, since his job is primarily to decide which tests to write and make sure they get written by whoever.

6. Graphic Artist with HTML5/CSS experience, a person who can do things like create banner ads, curate stock photos used in the marketing side, and provide assistance to #1 or #3 in terms of execution of graphics, animations. Proficient in Adobe After Effects. Has an eye for color, spacing, things of this nature. Assists #5 in testing.

Now...OUR PROJECTS...In order of priority:

2. Next-generation front-end for our customers and new brands. This is the 'WinCoin' we've talked about and it's also the mobile friendly app that we've talked about.

3. Next-gen backoffice, one office to rule them all..customer service (which is huge), pit boss  (kinda what we have now in /backoffice), C-level reporting, CMS (content writers), marketing campaigns, bonus codes, landing pages, emails, etc. charts/graphs finally.

4. MAHJONG; multiplayer server w/mahjong game logic included. handles disconnects, etc. etc. 

5. "Gamification" which is basically a unified oauth provider that tracks achievements, challenges, XP, level-ups, etc. across all games, including 3rd party and poker (yes, full integration).

6. Integration micro-services cluster, which is what we used to call the fabled REFACTOR and basically takes our current monolith backend NODE APP and busts it up into microservices per-game or per-integration. This includes further integration with the existing providers, they have parts of their API for bonuses and campaigns/promos that we have not accessed yet. It's very closely melded with #4 but it's obviously very different. Exchange/Shapeshift integration included.

7. LOTTERY! Mobile app and services surrounding ticket tracking and payouts for the two US-based and 1 Europe-based lotteries. Our own homebrew revolutionary product, as discussed.

You'll notice there isn't a #1 above. That's a TEAM COLLAB application. This will be a quick primer, to get our "one team" working together and to solve some SERIOUS fucking problems we have internally with communication, email, document collaboration, customer-service training, project and task management, none of which are 100% solvable with an out of box solution, and 100% of which are quickly solved with Meteor prototyping as a weapon. MUCH LESS THAN 3 MONTHS, but basically this is recommended to establish workflows and solve some challenges that are plaguing us now. Here is where we can experiment with our waterfall-based workflow, talk about the project timelines in abstract terms, establish terminology, GIT and CI workflow, and other important things that we should not....no....CANNOT be guessing on when we actually start production. 

Now, the existing projects we have to wrap up first:

1. Asia gaming, gameArt, Blue Ocean integrations. To fill in the rest of our big gaps. Atticus is working on this.

2. BIP32 wallet. This is an ongoing project that Atticus is already working on. Shapeshift kind of goes with this.

3. Short-term exchange 'affiliate-style' integration

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