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Online Documents Management System

истекло время актуальности

The project ODMS is a web application that provides next services to users:

- Easy way to storage and manage scanned paper documents
- Backend scanning service of mailed documents
- Sharing documents to other selected users of the system
- Collaboration on a document with other users
- Searching, organizing into folders, labeling of the documents
- Downloading scanned and OCR-ed documents back

The key idea of the project is the service of scanning paper documents for the user:

A user mails his paper documents to a predefined address. Backed staff parse the mail, scan the documents, recognize text if required and input the documents into the system so the user gets them in his incoming mailed documents folder.

The user orders some prepaid amount of “envelopes” that are used later for mailing the documents.

Other optional inputs of the documents: uploading by the user, emailing to the user’s address (Each user has an email in the system). An option of scanning by the user directly into the system is also considered.

After the documents reached user’s workspace they may be differently organized as described in the features document.

An important part of the system is its backend documents processing mechanism. Different roles are introduced for that. Their duties are described in the features document.

The web application should be supported by as many browsers as possible and especially by IE, Safari and iPhone browser. Also Google chrome, Firefox and Opera are important but secondary.

The project should be multilingual and support new languages addition. All texts should be editable from the admin side to allow simple translation to newly added languages. User interface should be skinnable.

Online payment systems like PayPal or other proposed should be supported. An easy way to add new payment systems should be considered in the architecture.

All operations should be logged.

More details are described in the features documents. Items marked with a question mark are “second rate” and are planned for next versions. Other items should be present in the first release.

If you or your team has enough time and the project seems to be interesting to you, please provide:
- Your hour rate
- Your average hours estimate of the project
- Number of developers you suppose to provide for this project or the number of developers you would recommend if you are an individual
- Overall time-frame of the project
- Division into stages. Tasks, hour estimate and time-frame of each stage. Payment for each stage will be done after it will be accepted
- Your description of the project architecture and technologies you plan to use in it

A detailed list of planned features is attached.

Please familiarize yourself with this document and project description before replying. Don't hesitate to ask questions. It is possible to discuss the project on skype.
Your proposal will be examined for technical quality and cost validity. If it will be interesting you or your team will be selected to participate in this project and possibly for future collaboration.

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