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Перенести админ панели с Angular 4 на Angular 6 и доработка шаблона

истекло время актуальности

This project is for a full stack MEAN developer. Must have strong knowledge and experience of 

AngularJS version 6, and NodeJS on Restify framework. Database is MYSQL. 

We are looking for someone to start on this project ASAP and see it through completion as soon as possible. We would prefer someone who is currently not working on any other projects to avoid any delays. 

Must have an iPhone to be able to see the functions of the existing iOS mobile application in order to integrate the functions needed for the admin dashboard panel.

You will be responsible for uploading the code to the server vis SSH and maintain GitLab repo for this project on our account.  You will also be responsible for adding any tables or data to the MYSQL database along with edit and correct any NodeJS apis as needed so that we have a smooth seamless integration for the Angular Administrative dashboard panel. We expect daily uploads to the server along with daily progress.  We also expect full documentation of the work performed in the case another developer needs to take over or edit or add code in the future.  Communication for our project is on our SLACK channel.

The project is for a freelance marketplace for Local Handyman and cleaning services similar to Airtasker.com

We currently have a working iOS Mobile application and Android Mobile is in development. 

New template to be used .   ( Light Version ) 



Frontend:   Angular 6 UI 

Backend:    NodeJs on Restify Framework

Database:   MYSQL 

Supported   Frontend: iOS & Android mobile applications

Server:     AWS EC2 Instances (NodeJS & MYSQL) (Angular)

Repository: https://gitlab.com/

Integrations: Zen Desk, Stripe, Twilio, Mail Chimp, Google Maps, Google translation

Google login, FB login.


Show graphs for users, transactions, jobs, messages and relevant information. 

Show reports, like total active jobs, pending jobs, completed jobs, canceled jobs.

ability to compile reports by city, or zip code.  revenue reports, demographics of users.

Scrum board for management. 


Ability to add and delete admin users with roles.

Role Powers: Super Admin, Admin, Developer, Manager, Customer Service, Marketing.


Clean up existing code and make sure the UI functions to include image upload and viewable size on the screen. 

ability to add user manually. control status, active , suspend, delete.

See user messages.

When a worker signs up. They need to get approval to be able to submit an offer. 

Workers must fill out a mini application<-- this is currently on the old website., And need approval from admin to be a worker. 

Also need an upload for document like Identification, Licenses, Certifications, Insurance, Tax Document, Others. 

Uploaded documents to be stored in a dedicated AWS S3 bucket. 

A separate S3 bucket should also be utilized for storing user uploaded images of jobs.

User ID Number, First name, last name, email, location, Change password request, view jobs, modify/edit user.

First name and Last name should be hyperlinked to user backend profile. 

Email: should give us the ability to send the user an email from internal email/Zen Desk.

Location: should be hyperlinked to group all jobs in that location/city.

View Jobs: should hyperlink and show us all the jobs that user has posted, open, closed, pending, under contract.

Credits for User; issue credits for users


Needs Job ID number, Category, Job title, posted by, job price, location, current offers, 

location, date posted, status, and ability to modify/edit jobs.

Posted BY: should be hyperlinked to the users backend profile. 

Location: should be hyperlinked to group all jobs in that location/city. 


Needs a list of the categories and ability edit and modify.


Show all transcations Open, Pending, Suspended, Canceled, Completed.

Link to users and location.

Ability to edit and or modify. 

See user private messaging between users. See public comments. 

Ability to message as Admin to users and block or delete comments and messages. 

Show stripe details per user.


Ability to geofence areas, by zip code and city, state. 

google map


Ability to add user badges, add user as a business and attach to a user or users,

similar to how upwork has the Agency function. 

Email: Mail Chimp and Zen Desk integrations, ability to edit and send emails such as verify email upon user registration, 

and the long list of email templates; new job posted, message from user, etc. 

Analytics: google analytics, facebook, mail chimp. 

API Categories:




Messages:Send, Inbox, Conversation

Miscellaneous: Report, Contact us

More Tab:






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