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Russian-English cognates!

истекло время актуальности

Hello! I'm looking for someone who is highly fluent in both Russian and English to make a list of all the cognate words (both true and false) in the two languages. I'd really like the cognates to be written side by side with each other neatly, and for the Russian words to be well-written in the latin/roman alphabet only. I'd also like the cognates to cover all aspects of life and thought, from places and cities to the realms of science, religions, and the paranormal. I'd also like the cognates to organized by theme. For example, putting all cognates that relate to the paranormal under that respective category. You can also include words that sound similar and mean the same thing in both languages, but which are spelled differently (for example, using the Russian word "Molekula" for the English word Molecule). Compiling such a huge list of words will take time, so I am very understanding. With regards to payment, I am flexible and willing to negotiate a reasonable price for such work. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested! This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

  1. 5 дней1 000 ₴
    Ольга Чичикало
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    Hi! I am willing to help you with this project. I am a native speaker, and I lived in the US. Moreover, I got my bachelor degree in Philology, therefore I am keen on languages and lexicology. Please feel free to contact me. I also speak Chinese, so you can write me in Chinese as well.

    Украина Днепр | 6 июня 2018 |
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    Sara Araujo
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    Hello! I am a native English and Russian speaker. Originally from Russia, I have lived nearly my whole life in Canada. I have experience with linguistics, teaching Russian and English, as well as learning various languages. I would gladly help you with your project! It is clear what you need and I'm available to start immediately. Please get in touch with me!

    Канада Richmond | 6 июня 2018 |
  3. 1 день1 000 ₽
    Ольга Бушуева
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    Hi Ming Tan,

    I am Olga, I would like to help you to accomplish your projects. Please contact me: [email protected], +79082483122 (watsapp) if you are still interested.
    We can discuss your proposal and see in details your tasks.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Россия Пермь | 7 июня 2018 |
  4. 2 дня200 ₴
    Виктор Селюков
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    I am native Ukrainian with an excellent command of Russian (C2) and English (C1), ready to perform brilliant work for you in such a short period of time (2 days, depending on the number of cognates). Available online 8-23, ready to contact and clarify some details.

    Best regards,

    Украина Киев | 7 июня 2018 |
  5. 30 дней1 000 ₴
    Lada Pryima
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    Hello! I'm interested in your project. Actually, there are thousands of international words in both languages and thousands of words Russian borrowed from English. What number of cognates are you looking for?

    Украина Полтава | 8 июня 2018 |

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