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C9 Solutions

истекло время актуальности

Hi,  I am Nastya from Cloud9 Solutions based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

We are looking for a Joomla developer (English speaking!!!) to build some custom extensions for a public content website.   

We have a small project for an Adult VR company and looking at currently 1-2 weeks of work.

Available to start ASAP

Please contact me for details if you are interested. 

  1. 3 дняскрыта
    Евгений Семенец
     1258   10   0

    Can begin! I'll be glad to help you with your project!
    Have much experience with Joomla. I worked with many themes and wrote some plugins/ Can start immediately and realize your project/
    And else I'm good designer! I can show you refferecies if it needs
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Беларусь Минск | 15 августа в 12:58 |
  2. 1 деньскрыта
    Александр Раничев
     2337   71   0

    I will be glad to cooperate with you.
    I will execute quickly and qualitatively taking into account your requirements.
    I know the joomla very well

    Украина Днепр | 19 августа в 17:52 |