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Создать на сайте Data Collector & Messaging System для клиента США

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Our company 420faithful is setting up a email system for our users and here is what we are looking for. 


Data Collector & Messaging System

Version 1.0


- Facebook Quiz App that collects user’s email address

- Contacts database

- Database management pages

- User registration page

- Website messaging system (user2user)

- Data scraper

- Twillio integration

- Admin Panel (for mass messaging to emails/mobile phone numbers, users, and contacts



- Facebook Quiz App: “What is your stoner name?” - One page facebook app that users clicks on to sign in. A fun name is revealed as a personalized image that is then shared on their wall.

- Other users can see this share and can take the quiz themselves. The goal of this is to get access to user’s email address. Either automatically after they sign into the app or through user’s click. This will be useful in collecting users interested in 420 lifestyle 2 data scrapers for popular dispensary directory websites, can be ran from admin panel. Has

logic to reduce redundant data (when ran multiple times). (Weedmaps.com and


- Scraping tools will be able to run from an admin login on website messaging system.

Contacts collected from scraping tools will be able to be exported into csv file for use with

mass emailer systems.

- Contacts collected from scraping tools will be able to be emailed from within own admin page.

- Mass emails will be able to use an email template

- Website messaging system. Registered users can send messages to other registered users.

- Database can be managed by admin through a web interface for editing records. There will be one page for each database table.

- Twillio integration will be used for sending mass text messages

All the above is served over HTTPS with Secure Socket Layer certificates for encryption

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