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Text compilation in English

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The job is to create hotel descriptions for travel operator's website.

Texts should be created based on the information from the internet: hotel's website, booking websites, etc.

Each text should be presented in 2 forms:

1. Website page. General description (nearly 1000 symbols) which would have a form of usual text, and other parts like 'Location', 'Accommodation', 'Restaurants & bars', 'Facilities', where should be given the most important information in a form of list of short collocations. The whole text without subheadings not more than 2000 symbols. Minimum is 1500.

2. Brochure page. Contains of two parts - General description and 'Facilities and services'. Both together not more than 1400 symbols, not less than 1000.

Examples would be sent to the contractor.


For now there's a list of 103 hotels to be finished within one month and to be uploaded to the WordPress panel of the website. Later there might be couple of tens texts more to be done.

There are also 97 texts to be corrected to meet the requirements.

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  1. 8 дней770 ₴Победившая ставка
    Darja Kalustova
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    Очень заинтересовал данный проект. Готова выполнить тестовое задание.

    Украина Киев | 18 декабря 2016 |
  2. 2 дня400 ₴
    Дарья Грекул

    Hello! I am really interested in this project,mainly because that is closely connected not only with writing activity,but also with my own education direction - tourism. I have not a small experience in this sphere of life. If you are interested,here is my email address: [email protected] and my phone number: 066 530 60 67. Thank you)

    Украина Львов | 6 декабря 2016 |
  3. 3 дня200 ₴
    Владимир Матросскин
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    Please consider my application for this project. I offer fast and flexible article writing service at a good proce, satisfaction guranteed. I can provide examples of my work. Feel free to send me test task.

    Thanks in advance.


    Украина Винница | 6 декабря 2016 |
  4. 30 дней200 ₴
    Нина Семененко

    Ready to fulfill your order promptly. For the quality of work answer.

    Украина Прилуки | 17 декабря 2016 |
  1. 2 дня200 ₴
    Сабина Набиева

    The position represented above really appeals to me as I am already experienced in writing articles devoted to tourism sphere. If you are interested I can send you several articles which include all the listed points in the part of demands.

    I would like to know more about this job and I'm ready to work!
    Do hope you will consider my application.

    Украина Одесса | 7 декабря 2016 |
  2. 10 дней200 ₴
    Джек Уайт

    Hi. Send me test task to start work.

    Вьетнам Сайгон | 8 декабря 2016 |
  3. 1 день200 ₴
    Таня Манзар
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    I have 3 years experience of copywriting. I have written for companies from Canada, USA, Finland, Spain, and Netherlands.
    I usually work 4$ for 1000 symbols or 2$ for 100words.
    Tourism is a very close theme to me, so working with you would be a great pleasure.

    Украина Кропивницкий (Кировоград) | 9 декабря 2016 |
  4. 1 день200 ₴
    Julie Rhiles

    I am currently working on a similar project - hotel descriptions for a travel operator's webwite. I enjoy writing those texts, and tourism is actually a pretty interesting subject to work with, so I would love to take on this job.
    I can write up to 50 000 symbols a week. The rate is $4 per 1000. Contact me if that works for you. And have a good day!
    e-mail: [email protected]
    skype: samh00h

    Украина Киев | 11 декабря 2016 |
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