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6000 ₴

30 texts in Ukrainian with the preparation of keywords

проект завершен

I commission to prepare 30 texts in Ukrainian with the preparation of keywords for which the article will be written and the selection of photos.


- topic: finance / loans

- the minimum number of searches for a given keyword per month according to Google keyword planner - 50 (if you do not have access to this tool, send me your keywords to check it out).

- a minimum of 4500 characters per text

- at least 2 internal links per text

- added alt attributes in the image (keyword)

compatibility with the Yoast SEO plugin on wordpress:

- 1 paragraph maximum of 150 words

- header of at least 300 words

- less than 25% of sentences should contain over 20 words.

If you want, I can add you as an editor on my site so that you can write comfortably.

The texts will be placed on the page:


Отзыв заказчика об исполнителе Маргарите Морозовой


everything is ok, the project is finished ahead of time.

Stanislaw D. Stanislaw Duda | Сейф Сейф

Отзыв фрилансера о заказчике Stanislaw Duda

Постановка задачи
Четкость требований

Thank you for your trust! Everything will be done in the best possible way)

Маргарита М. Маргарита Морозова | Сейф Сейф

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    Маргарита Морозова
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    Hi! Ready to start
    Hi! Ready to start
    Hi! Ready to start
    Hi! Ready to start

    Украина Харьков | 12 августа 2018 |
  3. 30 дней6000 ₴
    Никита Островский
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    I have a big experience of writing: journalism, advertising, PR.
    I've worked with SEO so be sure texts will be suitable for your targets.

    Украина Одесса | 12 августа 2018 |
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    Мария Кулак
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    Hello Stanislaw.
    It will be great to cooperate with you. Ukrainian is my native language. Also I understand English well.
    I know how to use Google keyword planner, how to work with Wordpress.
    Our cooperating will be comfortable for you, because I live in Poland, Lodz. And I have a polish bank account.

    But the price is too low for this work. I propose 1200 zlot for this project. Also I'm working with pre-paying 50%.
    If you are interested, welcome. I'll answer all your questions

    Украина Украина | 12 августа 2018 |
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