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Удаленный маркетолог | Fluent English | Full-time

истекло время актуальности

Компания Front Desk Helpers ищет удаленного сотрудника на позицию маркетолога. Сфера деятельности: обслуживание домов престарелых. 


Flyer Distribution:

  • Check FD attendance, fill out attendance spreadsheet;
  • Call FDs at the end of the day to check on progress/challenges
  • Count flyer distributors weekly hours and send reports;
  • Update flyer distributors schedule, send to people involved and make sure everything is ready
  • Find new locations for flyer distributors to test
  • Conduct first screening interviews with potential flyer distributors on the phone
  • Create/update flyer designs (in Word.doc)
  • Organize and control flyer events:
  • POS materials development and order;
  • Creating instructions/scripts for flyer distributors on how to communicate to people and how to answer the questions;
  • Coordinate logistics and supplies;
  • Analyze and present results, make changes in a timely manner if necessary;
  • Follow up;

Voice Mail Campaigns:
● Send text msg to applied applicants

● Text msg campaigns targeting new clients

● Review and suggest changes to text of the messages on a quarterly basis or depending on marketing focus;

Follow Up Tasks:

● Review Website Chat transcripts and address issues

● Facebook Messenger bot replies

• Fill out Weekly Marketing Report;

• Call competitors to find their rates for HHAs and CDPAP and update the report;

+ Fluent English
+ High energy and competitive spirit. Really.
+ Good work ethic and goal-orientated mindset
+ Ability to quickly learn program and product knowledge, work on a PC and navigate a Windows environment
+ Effective written and verbal communication skills

Working hours: 

09:00 am - 05:00 pm EST / 16:00 - 00:00 (Ukrainian time) 

Мы постарались как можно подробнее расписать род деятельности маркетолога, кандидаты - указывайте пожалуйста свои ожидания по зарплате.

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    John Swayze

    Hi, my name is John Swayze.
    I'm a freelance content creator and marketing manager.
    I do copywrite, voice acting, video editing, and design gigs.
    If you are interested in cooperation with I can send you a link to my cv and portfolio featuring all my content and marketing cases - 8 years of experience.
    Currently, I'm in California so be aware of the time difference between us.

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    Maria Orynchak
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    hi there, it would be great to collaborate together. as an experienced t-shaped marketer we can find out what suits for the company best.

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