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UI/UX Designer needed: web and mobile apps, presentation and website.

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    30 дней222 ₴

    I will be glad to cooperate!
    💼 I have a lot of experience as a designer!
    ✍ Write to PM - we will discuss the details.
    Working hour - $ 15
    Examples of work in the profile
    ➡ I will do the job QUICKLY AND PROFESSIONALLY

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    4 дня1234 ₴

    Hello, I am interested in your project.
    I work both in raster and in vector,
    Examples of work in the profile,
    I am ready to discuss details, terms, price.
    Write, I will be glad to cooperate.

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    Пример работы:

    1 день1200 ₴

    Доброго времени суток.

    Почасовая ставка - 300 грн. Заинтересован в работе над вашим проектом. Готов обсудить проект более детально. Опыт работы более 6 лет.

    Мое портфолио: Behance

    Заранее спасибо за ответ.

    Похожий выполненный проект: Дизайн страницы для сайта. Гэмблинг тематика.

    Первый закон юзабилити: "Не заставляйте меня думать!"

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    1 день260 ₴

    Hello, Vasyl!

    $12/h. I'm strong with UX and would prefer to work on websites and apps. I can do presentation design & print design if needed. Not that good with graphic design or illustrations. I can do something (icons, simple-to-medium logos in Illustrator, not very hard effects & collages in Photoshop), but for quite hard tasks it would be better to use other designer, who specializes in this area.

    Once again, my focus is at websites & apps, especially UX.

    Portfolio: Freelancehunt
    I also can send in PM my designs of mobile applications and big services.

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    10 дней2000 ₴

    I'm interested in the details of the project.

    My portfolio:


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    10 дней1234 ₴

    Добрый день. Буду рада сотрудничеству.
    В дизайне 10 лет. Готова обсудить начало работы.
    Портфолио Behance

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    1 день777 ₴

    15 $ / час

    Буду рад сотрудничеству!)

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    1 день1000 ₴


    My name is Anya, I am a web, UI / UX designer. I am very interested in your proposal. Now I am free and looking for interesting projects.

    Here is my portfolio: Behance

    My hourly rate is 6$

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    1 день270 ₴

    Hello! I'm interested in your project. I work in Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
    Portfolio: Behance
    Price: $10/hour
    Have a nice day!

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    5 дней1200 ₴

    Hello, I'm ready to start working on your project)
    I am well versed in design concepts, in current styles, I focus on increasing the conversion of the project.

    My portfolio: Behance

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    1 день1111 ₴

    Hello, Vasyl!
    I am familiar with your requirements - an interesting project! I will be glad to implement it! There is experience in solving such problems! However, I have some questions, I would like to ask the problem in more detail, write to me in a personal message, we will discuss everything.
    I will do it for a nice price and not long terms - within the framework of this project.

    My portfolio on Behance: Behance
    The main program for work is Figma. I also own such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD.

    Free to work, write to me in Direct Messages! I am always glad to cooperate!
    My motto is quality and on time!

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    1 день1234 ₴

    Hello, Vasyl!
    I will be glad to help you, I specialize in UX interface design, I also had experience in the design of mobile applications and presentations. I will be happy to hear about your project!
    Portfolio: Behance
    Client's reviews: Freelancehunt

    I look forward to your answer!

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    10 дней15 000 ₴

    Behance Behance
    Interactive resume:
    From me:
    * I will select the necessary style for your preferences (2-3 free options)
    * All adjustments to your project are free.
    * I undertake to meet the deadlines.
    Ready to take on your project. Contact me we will agree on the conditions.

    I do it cheaper and faster than any designer

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    2 дня1000 ₴

    Hello, Vasyl!
    I'll make the best design according to your preferences/wishes cause I'm so interested at your proposal. What's more, I'm sure we can find a common ground.

    Behance Behance

    Also, I can send in PM my real projects

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    5 дней2500 ₴

    Готова приступить к работе прямо сейчас! Занимаюсь разработкой дизайна для мобильных приложений. Пишите, обсудим.

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    1 день1620 ₴

    Re: Looking for UI/UX Designer for various tasks for the product.
    It includes work on the website, app screens, presentation design, graphic design tasks.