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One of defining features of our site is the GetHelp section. It allows users to ask questions regarding apps and programs, uncover existing problems that might be present within apps, additional capabilities etc. You would need to post such questions and answers to them on pages that you’ll be provided with a list of weekly, normally 70 pages a week.

  1. In order to post comments within our Get Help section, the poster would need to sign up through either Facebook or Google+ (create accounts if you don’t have them).
  2. Once your question is posted you can edit the name you used initially so there will be no repetition in names that might serve as a giveaway that questions asked are not genuine.
  3. The question you post has to be relevant to the app you’re posting about and has to look like a real question from an actual person that is genuinely interested in it being answered.
  4. The question you ask/information you provide has to be fresh and recent - there’s no point in writing a question about an app that was released in 2012.
  5. How do you find these questions? That’s easy and doable: research developers’ websites which often have pages like FAQ or Troubleshooting; online forums; similar sites - look within iTunes or play.google.com. Your posts cannot simply be copy-pasted - you have to rewrite them creatively so they are at least 50% unique (check with plagiarism checkers)
  6. If you decide to go beyond questions alone (in fact, you have to), try to find these answers on aforementioned sites as well.
  7. The answer provided has to be helpful and relevant to the question that was asked.
  8. The amount of Get Help q/a we need is 70 questions/answers a week. Please, don’t turn it into 35/35 proportion as we have no intention of making it look artificial and robotic.
  9. Once you’re done with writing your texts please copy them into 1 file and send it to us so we can check if they’re ok. You’ll be paid in full for the amount of text you send us.

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