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4 500 ₴

Website dedicated to a guitar

истекло время актуальности

I am looking to hire someone to design and build a website to document and showcase my vintage guitar.


It's a unique instrument with a very distinct look, and I would like to review 3 different designs.

The guitar is a 1983 McPherson 12-satring.

I would like the website to have a place to:

1. Describe the guitar and provide technical details about its origin and its condition

2. Show a gallery of images (6-10 photos)

3. Allow uploading and sharing music files, playable through the website (4-8)

The website must be plain-text HTML/CSS without requiring any specific hosting configurations.

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  1. 5 дней4 500 ₴
    Роман Крентовский
     329   1  0

    Good day. I would like to build a site for you on HTML5 / CSS. The site will be adaptive for all screen extensions. I am able to make a gallery, a slider and add text documentation. I will not be able to write code to add audio users. I will make a layout qualitatively and quickly. Write me, I will be glad to cooperate.

    Украина Хмельницкий | 27 октября 2018 |
  2. 7 дней4 500 ₴
    Владислав Вербицкий
     824  проверен   25  1   5

    I am very interested in your project with all your requirements.
    My skills in HTML5, CSS3 (LESS, SASS), JavaScript (Angular, Node.js, Jquery, Ajax), Ionic, PHP, MSQL, SVG.
    I have experience in web development for 5 years.
    To learn more about my skills and successful workplaces, please take a look at my profile, portfolio, work history, etc. You can see some of the sites that I created.

    I am always available via Viber. If required, ask for a voice or video chat. I will be available more than 50 hours a week and will be able to start your project as soon as possible as you wish.

    Thank you for your attention.
    I would be glad to cooperate anyway!
    Viber - 380997893979;
    email - [email protected];
    telegrams - https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=u520619134_16191801401356759650;
    Portfolio - ihorkharchyshyn.site;

    Украина Львов | 27 октября 2018 |
  3. 6 дней4 500 ₴
    Святослав Бондарь
     242   6  1

    Hi, I've a wealth of experience in bulding web-sites, so i'm able to do this job.
    I will use boostrap 4 framework, It'll make your site adaptive to other devices.
    I also can create feedback forms for you for free.

    Россия Краснодар | 27 октября 2018 |
  4. 6 дней4 500 ₴
    Oleg Komenda
     337   1  0

    I'm interested in working with you.
    I'll do plain-text HTML/CSS without any specific hosting configurations.

    I have over 2 years of experiance. I create beautiful & responsive, fast & valid websites.
    First of all, I need the texts for your site. After watching texts i can create design and after it i'll do HTML\CSS Layout.

    I have over 2 years of experiace in:
    ✔ HTML4, HTML5
    ✔ CSS, CSS3
    ✔ JavaScript, JQuery
    ✔ Bootstrap 4
    ✔ SASS {​SCSS}​
    ✔ PHP, Wordpress
    ✔ Gulp, NPM

    My contacts:
    ✔ Skype - olegkomenda1212
    ✔ Telegram - rafamont1
    ✔ Freelancehunt messanger

    Украина Львов | 27 октября 2018 |
  5. ставка скрыта фрилансером
  6. 4 дня4 500 ₴
    Владимир Лесовой
     1080  проверен   18  0

    Доброе утро. Готов реализовать, качественно, быстро.
    Учту все пожелания.

    Украина Харьков | 27 октября 2018 |
  7. 7 дней3 700 ₴
    Оксана Криштоп
     275   2  0

    Im interested in your project and I'd like to realize it.
    I don't have much experience but I'll do my best to make it good.
    Your site will be valid and adaptive.
    I can proceed after discussing all the details.
    I'll be glad to cooperate!

    Украина Кривой Рог | 27 октября 2018 |
  8. 3 дня4 500 ₴
    Kirill Tishko
     355   1  0

    Здравствуйте, Ян!
    С заданием ознакомился. Вёрстка будет адаптивной на разрешениях с 320px(iPhon5) до 2560px(4K монитор).
    Адаптирую макет с помощью Bootstrap4 и flexbox.

    Связаться со мной:
    Viber: +38(099) 253-17-36
    VK - https://vk.com/id495196883
    E-mail - [email protected]

    Украина Киев | 27 октября 2018 |
  9. 6 дней4 500 ₴
    Станислав Шиптя
     343   1  0

    Hello, A lot of experience the implementation of such tasks.
    If you want a quality and without the typical nedofrelancers - write.
    You can get acquainted with my portfolio.
    I have 2 years experience with Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery, bootstrap 4
    I do UI / UX Design at the business level.
    telegram: https://t.me/SilverGrey
    email: [email protected]

    Украина Сумы | 27 октября 2018 |
  10.  фрилансер больше не работает на сервисе
  11. 5 дней4 000 ₴
    Мария Коротя
     284   2  0

    Hi. I can handle this job for you. I'm front-end developer with good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript popular front-end framework s Bootstrap and Foundation, with experience in creating adaptive design and good look interfaces for all devices. Creating themes for different PHP CMS especially WordPress. My public works:


    All other works you could check in my portfolio.

    Украина Полтава | 27 октября 2018 |
  12. 12 дней5 000 ₴
    Макс К.
     882  проверен   7  3   2

    Hi iam ready create website for your.
    Now iam a free
    My telegramm @programistphp

    Украина Киев | 27 октября 2018 |
  13. 3 дня4 000 ₴
    Назар Калапунь

    Hello! I am guitarist and musician too:)
    So, it will be curious work for me. And I am ready to participate with you in creature of this "acoustic" site.

    Украина Киев | 28 октября 2018 |
  14. 7 дней4 500 ₴
    Александр Черепанов
     450  проверен   1  0

    Hello! The task is clear, I will execute in 7 days, the cost is 4500 UAH. or 160$.

    Украина Киев | 28 октября 2018 |
  1. ставка отозвана