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Freelancehunt.com Privacy Policy

Website owner freelancehunt.com (hereinafter referred to as the Site) represented by the Site Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Receiving Party), assumes obligations to protect confidential information and personal data of Clients and Performers (hereinafter referred to as the Transmitting Party).


Transmitting Party — Clients and Performers who possess confidential information and personal data, which they transfer to the Site Administration when registering and using the service.

Receiving Party — Administration that accepts confidential information and personal data when providing services to Clients and Performers.

Confidential information — non-public information that is disclosed by the Transmitting Party to the Receiving Party. Such information may be marked with a tag «confidential», but may not have such a mark, however, the content should be perceived as confidential.

Confidential is including, but not limited to:

  • information on the level of technical development of the Transmitting Party, as well as successful technical solutions and prospects for improvement in this field;
  • information on the marketing or advertising policy of the Transmitting Party for the promotion of its goods, works and services;
  • Information on commercial policies or business plans, including information on existing or prospective projects and counterparties;
  • information received from third parties concerning which the Transmitting Party has obligations not to disclose confidential information.

Information is not confidential, no matter how it is marked, which:

  • is publicly available, possession and disclosure of which may not violate the rights and legitimate interests of the Transmitting Party;
  • became known to the Receiving Party prior to registration by the Transmitting Party of the account on the Site;
  • submitted by the Transmitting Party indicating in writing that it is not confidential;
  • concerning information about the use of the Service by the Transmitting Party.

Personal data — information or a set of information about the Transmitting Party with the help of which such Party can be identified.

The categories of Personal data of the Parties within the scope of the Service are::

  • surname, first name, patronymic;
  • email address;
  • date of birth;
  • place of residence;
  • phone number;
  • as well as other data that can be used to identify their owner.


1.1 The purposes of receiving and processing confidential information and personal data by the Receiving Party are:

  • providing the Transmitting Party with access to the Service, information and materials posted on the Site;
  • ensuring communication between the Parties;
  • ensuring the successful implementation of the subject of the Agreement for the performance of works / provision of services concluded by Clients and Performers using the Service.


2.1 Site visitors who do not register an account are informed and agree that the Receiving Party has the right to collect certain information about such visitors, including the URL and IP addresses, etc. that were viewed during the visit. This information is used exclusively for internal purposes and serves to improve the operation of the Service.

2.2 The Receiving Party processes only that confidential information and personal data that is necessary to ensure the quality of the services provided, and does not use such information for other purposes without the consent of the Transmitting Party.

2.3 The Receiving Party keeps confidential information and personal data for as long as it is necessary for specified purposes in accordance with curent legislation.

2.4 The Transferring Party is provided with unimpeded access to its confidential information and personal data.

2.5 The Receiving Party does not transfer confidential information and personal data of the Transmitting Party to third parties without the consent of the owners of such information, except in cases expressly provided by law.


3.1 The transmitting party undertakes to provide only true and complete information.

3.2 The Receiving Party undertakes to:

  • use confidential information and personal data exclusively for the purpose of ensuring the operation of the Service and the implementation of the subject of the Agreement for the performance of work/provision of services using the SAFE Service;
  • not to disclose confidential information to third parties, except in cases specified by law;
  • not to use confidential information and personal data in interests contrary to the purposes specified in clause 1.1 of the Privacy Policy;
  • limit as much as possible the number of employees and other persons having access to confidential information and personal data, by ensuring that they provide written obligations not to disclose or use confidential information and personal data of the Transmitting Party in their own or other people's interests;
  • immediately notify the Transmitting Party of the revealed facts of unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information and personal data, taking all necessary measures to prevent further unauthorized use or disclosure of such information;
  • to destroy the received confidential information and personal data at the request of the Transmitting Party


4.1 When the User logs in to the Service, the server saves a short text file on the User's computer disk, called a "cookie", which the Administrator can use to improve the usability of the Service or to create basic statistics about the Service's attendance. Cookies may also be sent via the servers of the services to which the Administrator refers (such as CMS systems, etc.), but they remain outside the Administrator's sphere of influence. Cookies do not collect any personal data. Cookies stored on the User's computer are not collected or processed by us anywhere. Each User can change the cookie settings in their browser, including completely disabling the ability to store cookies. If the User does not disable the storage of cookies in their browser, this constitutes their consent to the storage of cookies on their computer.


5.1 The Site User Base is formed by the Administration exclusively for internal use. The Administration takes the necessary measures of a programmatic and technical nature to protect it, but is not responsible if the User Bases have become available to third parties as a result of illegal actions.

5.2 The personal data of such a party is immediately deleted upon deletion of the Transmitting Party account if the Transmitting Party has not previously been found to be in fraud on the Site and has made a request to the Receiving Party by e-mail: .

5.3 To access information, ask questions about our privacy policy or file a complaint, contact us by email: .