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Plus — maximum effective freelance

A professional tool that gives real competitive advantages and makes the work comfortable and effective.
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Sports medal
Freelancer bets in public projects win 2.2 times more often
Glowing star
Freelancer Ranking grows faster by increasing the number of completed projects
Speech balloon
In 1.9 times more offers of Personal projects

How will Plus make your work more enjoyable and efficient?

More detailed description of Plus tools and benefits for quick start
beginners and productive work of specialists
Developer envelope mobile
Always available with clients
Telegram-bot Fire icon
Communicate through Telegram-bot: receive new personal messages and respond to them immediately
SMS notifications
Don’t miss winning a project or contest and get started as soon as possible
Push notifications
Get instant notifications of service events even if your browser is closed
Business consulting
Legal advice on business creation and management in Ukraine
Super developer
Professional bets
Concealed proposals Fire icon
Your proposal for the project will be seen only by the client, but not by other freelancers
Work samples
Apply successful projects or works from your portfolio to highlight your proposals
Signature in proposals
Personalize your bets with an automatic signature with your motto
Special bets
The special type of your bets will make you stand out among the competitors
Developer on rocket
Fast growth
Bonus to rating Fire icon
Get up to 5% bonus to your rating and improve your position (but at least 100 of flicks)
Specialization Fire icon
Two additional specializations and, respectively, two places in the catalog of freelancers
Special projects
High-budget projects that are available only to Plus profile owners
Projects for you
We will recommend projects suitable for you using machine learning algorithms
Receive compliments for outstanding work that increase the rating for the project by 10%
Developer resting at the table
Comfortable work
View statistics Fire icon
Get detailed information about who viewed the page with your personal profile
Stickers in correspondence
Express your emotions in personal correspondence with your branded stickers
Dark theme
We know that sometimes you have to work at night — do it comfortably
Attachments up to 25MB
Transfer even large files directly through the service when working on your projects
Priority support from customer success team
We answer everyone, but with the Plus profile, you’ll be sure to get your answer first
Developer armchair cactus

Why should I buy Plus?

Over 55% of freelancers buy Plus at first 5 of month after signing up for the service. Freelancer bets in projects will be advantageous to differ from others, and the probability of winning will increase more than 2.2 times.

Freelancers with Plus rating grows faster, they are offered more personal projects, and therefore they earn more. A 2 of additional specializations help performers to find more projects and develop in related categories.

Register and activate!

Frequently asked questions

No, you must first withdraw the funds and only then make payment for the service using any of the available methods.
Of course, for this, select the payment method by payment card
That's right, so if you want to keep key settings (signature in bets, additional specializations, blacklist, bookmarks, watermarks on portfolio work, etc.) plan to renew Plus in advance.
If you pay for Plus before the end of its action in the current month, then the next new period will be added to the end of the current one, and all your settings will be saved. There is no automatic renewal Plus, in which the amount of the service cost is automatically debited from the balance. Therefore, plan to connect an improved profile in advance.

Do you have any questions? Find the answer to your question in knowledge base or contact the customer success team for help.