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Advertising in Yandex Direct. The production. Intercontinental doors

For the promotion of the site "Production of Intercontinental Doors" the following work has been completed:
1 Advertising for Search
2nd RIA
3 Retardation
4 dynamic views on the search.What was done (Semantika)
Requests included words (buy, price, etc.by p.)
The phrases are grouped in meaning and led to a logical, readable view;
1 .Title with key phrase;
2ndA cross-minusation phrase is made.ThreeThe text of the advertisement includes a part of the key phrase:
What has been done (RQ Search):
1 .Fast references and their descriptions;
2ndThe references displayed;
Threethe clarification;
4 .The indicated area shows advertising;
and 5.The time of advertising is set;
6 .Create a business visit card;
What has been done (RSS)
1 .Standard settings are set;
2ndAdvertisements are targeted by keyword.
ThreeCreate audiences with short-term interests;
4 .Created images for RSI 1080x1080, 1920x1080 px;
What Happened (RRR)
1 .Standard settings are set;
2ndConnection with Yandex Metrics
ThreeTarget actions are set (click on the messenger button,click on the phone number,click on the "Leave a request" button)
4 .Advertisements are created with targeting to the audience who was on the site for more than 15 seconds and did not perform the target action "Leave the application";
What Happened (RK Dynamics)
1 .Installed settings for the company's work in parallel with the company on Search;
2ndCreated data fids
Work details
Budget 7000 RUB
Added 21 October 2021
Alexandr Railean
Moldova Kishinev  18  0

Available for hire Available for hire
18 Safe completed
On service 5 years