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CARVED CANDLES are handmade product and it is made by using Renaissance time technique creating a unique candle's design.They are made from deep cleaned paraffin by dipping the core of the candle into melted coloured paraffin wax (35-40 times).In the second stage, the candle is carved while still soft, allowing 15 min to finish the work.After the candle is finished and cool down to room temperature, it gets covered in lacquer to prevent it from damage and to add shine.Hello to you.In the month, sales are up to $7000.Working 3 months

Internet Advertising since 1993.Since 2012.I specialize in handmade sales on Etsy via Pinterest.This gives customers earnings from $7000 to $100,000 per month.HTTPS://youtu.be/vrlMJu5BaQI

We keep accounts through Pinterest also on Ebay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.We have manual work, the price is 500 - 1000 USD per month.Other types of advertising for Etsy - Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are money on the wind or copying earnings.The obligatory minimum:
I make a new Pinterest account, 5 to 100 Books, 500 to 2500 pins (photo) in the first month.I am collecting thousands of tags (semantics).We expect sales growth from the 2nd and 3rd months of work.It was a story, not to us.Website - Contact

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Budget 500 USD
Added 27 March 2021
Evgenij Suslov
Ukraine Kyiv  7  0

Available for hire Available for hire
7 Safe completed
1 arbitration procedure
On service 11 years