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After contacting us, the customer wanted to update the design and structure of the site. The problem is that there was a lot of text on the old website of the client. Users were uninterested to read this, and they closed the site. In addition, the design was obsolete, worked badly and did not apply. When working with a new version of the site, we tried to make the site simple and modern, dosing text information. If there is a block in which a lot of text, a part of this text we hid and put out in a floating window or on a separate page. The text was read by those who wanted it. The other users calmly sparked the page to the interested block. Thus, the tasks of the project are performed, the errors of the old site are taken into account and corrected.
Work details
Budget 17 000 UAH
Added 24 January 2021

Anna Ihnatenko
Ukraine Kyiv  31  0

Available for hire Available for hire
28 Safe completed
On service 5 years