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About the project:

Expert page: https://www.instagram.com/marinavain_/

The producer Marina addressed us, with a request - to receive applications for a webinar, where a person after passing a free webinar was already interested in buying a tarot card course or on passing a personal consultation from Marina.The second query is to increase the audience on Instagram.In order not to create separate campaigns and not to exaggerate the audience - we entered the signature on the Instagram expert page at the application stage on the site.Task for the project:

The main goal: to build a breakthrough of lead generation and sales through targeted advertising on Instagram/FB

Secondary objectives:

Increased sales of courses and personal advice
Increase the audience on the Instagram expert page
Increase the number of applications for the webinar break
- to lower the price + to improve the quality for the request and the subscriber

The Results:

Results from the Advertising Account:

Number of people: 1017

Number of people: 49852

Viewed by: 116903

Price per ice: $1.16

Advertising budget: $1180,2
Work details
Added 4 July 2023

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