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Artem Lapikura

Keep Moving Forward

Украина Киев, Украина
7 месяцев 13 дней назад
Свободен для работы свободен для работы
возраст 20 лет
на сервисе 2 года
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • html
  • Javascript
  • css
  • HTML5


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Basic info here. To learn more on Jinny, follow this link.

Yo, I am Puzzak!

  • By now I am System Administrator and Technical Support.
  • I am Trainee PHP/SQL developer and closer to Junior at HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX.
  • I have experience in and understanding of RESTful APIs. 
  • I've built many Telegram bots (I am counting them as pet projects), so I can make one for you.
  • I am familiar with GitHub, Google products, Linux, Windows (and Active Directory).
  • I worked in wide range of CRMs, VoIPs, VPNs, SDKs.
  • I know what is CDN, ISP, SEO, SMM, testing,Agile development
  • I can set up Linux, Mac, Windows workstations.
  • I am familiar with MikroTik, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and many more IoT devices.
  • I like to work in Atlassian services: Jira, Halp, Trello, Confluence.
  • I am interested in Adobe apps: Ps, Lr,  Au, Pr.

Also worth mentioning that:

  • I am communicative
  • I am aware of what I am doing
  • I am responsible
  • I am team player
  • I am constantly learning
  • I Never Gonna Give You Up.

I am now getting Bachelors degree at Software Engineering and completing MTCNA-like courseI am from Kyiv, Ukraine, and I am 19 by now.

Навыки и умения

Работа с текстами


Отправка букв на дисплей Arduino (Rainbowduino)


Отправка латинских символов из терминала на Arduino, вывод их на 8х8 дисплей.

Интернет вещей -> Телеграм

Поиск и сбор информации

#Инструкция по сбору и отправке данных (температуры и влажности) в чат с телеграм-ботом, от #arduino, через приложение #Windows, на сервер и оттуда в чат с ботом.



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