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— образование в Colorado State University (США) по специальностям Communication Studies и Music, Stage, and Sports Production

— свободное владение английским языком 

— филологическое образование (английский и испанский перевод)

— креативное мышление (более 50 исследовательских работ)

— отличный тайм менеджмент (3 университета + профессиональный спорт)

— умение работать с большим объемом информации 

Навыки и умения



Английский язык

The importance of foreign language learning

The analysis of the movie

Написание статей

This work analyzes the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” from the perspective of acting, sound and narration, color, mise-en-scene, and overall features of its storytelling.


Рефераты, дипломы, курсовые

In this research paper I introduced the reasons why exactly the arts deserve U.S. Governmental support, which include: what skills it develops, how it is connected with social change, what part it takes in the country’s economy, and how it influences people’s brains. I also introduced the kind of support the arts should receive, which involves the increase of the federal budget, a bigger focus on direct grants and prizes.

Contemporary Image Analysis


This work analyzes the contemporary image to prove that the context is crucial in visual communication

Delinerative Analysis

Рефераты, дипломы, курсовые

In this work I provided 3 approaches for how to punish criminals and explained their effectiveness by providing the information of action steps, what proponents/opponents argue, and what are the main trade-offs. Moreover, I incorporated visual aids, as well as discussion questions to help the readers to brainstorm the ideas and form their opinion on the issue.



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