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Иван Д.


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Daghi Ivan

position: Java/Android middle developer

contact number: +373 67696338

skype: live:[email protected]

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daghi-ivan-00164b15a/

state: not married

job state: free

citizen: Moldova, Chisinau

ready to relocation: yes, with delay 1 mos

birth date: 06/12/1991

language: good russian, fluent english


Optimum-Web: 1 year, 6 mos

EpyDoc: 7 mos

Freelance and startups: 2+ years

Commercial expirience details:

Epy Doc projects: Kafka data streaming; SQL language for NoSQL database, Unit tests coverage, Automation of building projects using Rubby, Docker Api, Maven


OptimumWeb: Google Api automation, Automation tests, Parsers, Predictive NeuralNetworks(NN), Processing big data, security based on NN.

Freelance: Blockchain wallet ( Government's project),

 sites, targeting hack-attacks/invulnerability tests

Home projects: see in bottom of CV

Technology stack, keywords:

Java 7/8, OOP/SOLID, Design Patterns, Swing, JSP, Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty, Spark RestApi microframework, Spring framework (beginer level), ws.rs, java.security, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL, MongoDb(little expirienced), Kafka streams, Docker, VirtualBox, ANTLR, Linux, Android, Selenium, Parsers, Junit,  Blockchain(Etherium), NeuralNetworks(FANN/Tensorflow)(little expirienced), Graddle, Maven, Git, Algorithms and data structures, Oauth 2.0 (in Google/Vk  Api), Json, I/O(Sockets), P2P, UPnP.


Big Data.


Kali linux, Tails, sniffing, port scanners, spoofing, WiFi, MITM attacks, DDOS attacks (target: web services/wifi), trojans (linux/windows/android), proxy/vpn, passwords invulnerability/generators, bruteforce, social engineering, Android reverse engineering.

Side — white hat

Cost per 1 hour of pen. testing jobs: from 75 USD

Why I“m growing in security arrea?

Because I need to controll my artifficial intelligence, to exclude fatal scale mistakes. A complete AI — can be great hacker. And it is a threat.

Dev. Environment:

Intellij Idea, Android Studio, Eclipse


-Java 8 features

https://skillvalue.com/en/certificate/TraFppCxN95MIEaEoNORqSdGVEaDeQnaM8A5cEDSbKDuz3FZdk8hp2cczKpJ (powered by Pentalog)


https://skillvalue.com/en/certificate/fA379BJqJRed43uvf3BDhgxIb1Q42hWtJnLyGdJOVqb7GPiLCnPvXQIBlnO6 (powered by Pentalog)

Other Languages:

Php, Rubby, C#, Bash



School skills, when I was very young:

HTML, Flash Action Script, little C++ (not serious), windows lifehacks 🙂

Expirience in metodologies, by relevance of expirience:

RAD, Agile(with Scrum:)), Incremental Model

Psy portrait:

-Patiently errors searching

-Architecture skills in deep problems

-Well communication skills

-Positive mod

-Ready to learning always

-Like a hacker“s mind

-Non standard thinking

-Easy connections with intelligent people

-I'm afraid of degradation

Personal home projects:

Main project: 

-smart audio player for Android, Evil Player 

Find“em on market place:



Now I“ doing a P2P network for searching and downloading tracks from another user“s cellphones, it will be available in 4+ version. Searching already works, and servers correctly forwards ports thru a routers using UPnP technollogy, like a torrent client. Update will includes defence from the Russian government, due to future intranet blocking, using direct P2P connections and TLS encryption with disposable asymmetrical keys over the each request, with traffic metrics. I don’t think this is a best solution, but this is real defence for a short period. I hope, this will works correctly and fast in any cases 🙂

Other projects:

-Deep/progressive data compression


I found a way how to strong compress already compressed any files 🙂

-Image comparator
https://[email protected]/airpolimorphic/copy_finder.git


In some places still a very bad code, since the project is old and I try to reanimate this project with new knowledge base and skills adapted for big data. Now I do translation of this project to a Spring framework. Spring code isn’t here.

-Sms data broker
https://[email protected]/airpolimorphic/sms-center.git


Experimental, fast project

-Test #1
https://[email protected]/airpolimorphic/j-customer-service-test.git


Test for interview, Monsato

-Strong artifficial intelligence with tree structures and etc. 


Very big code base, but strong private, I can hold this theme for a long time in conversation, e.g. how works mind, what is logics and etc. 🙂  Also I studied neuropsychology and neurobiology courses. I have really big interests in this domain, but I know — this is not a business project. Its like a researchment project. Already complete modules: decision module instead neural networks (incentive based ; neural network is like a black cube, my module is pure and clear), strategy constructor module (helps constuct most relevant solution in different life situations, like as animals bio mechanics, with strong potential) Purpose of these two modules — is understanding and extract sence of sentencies, and operations with these sences, for example — to read and understanding wiki, and learning folowing scientific materials. Complete module of self motivation and consciousness, to understating place in the world of artifficial intelligence. Also in process module, which can run creation and imaginary, to build new artifficial models from parts of recognized outside world, like a play constructor game; module which can interpret any computer device as «hand» to «think» parallel on multiple devices in many researchment directions, for example- computer A — doing researchment in astrophysics science, cellphone B — doing researchment in bio science, group of computers C, D, E — doing researchment in quantum physics and etc, like a group of clusters.

-My neural network library from zero



This is a very old mistery 🙂

-Etherium walett for Alten currency for Android


Used RAD metodology with one teammate, in this project I was team lead. Backend. Commecrcial

Android projects:

-Personal file cloud syncro (client and server, using Spark microframework)

-Remote foto viewer/slider (client and server)

-Shake tracker monitor(shows your time in moution with dates of quiets and moutions)

-GPS alert (notify you when you arrive to target geo point, and shows length to a point)

-And many same little projects

Date: 28 Feb, 2019.

Навыки и умения


1300 $Библиотека нейронных сетей

Java Java

Библиотека нейронных сетей собственной разработки, для личных целей, дополнительные фичи еще не реализованы. Основной функционал тестировался и показал хорошие результаты на предприятии.


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Все было сделано в лучшем виде быстро и качественно.

Филипп П. Филипп Пантелеев | Сейф Сейф | Ответный отзыв


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