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ФрилансерыAndrew Phonec

Украина Запорожье, Украина
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Embedded System Software Engineer 

Skills and Achievements

  • 10+ years of experience with pure C language usage for UNIX kernels and embedded MCUs.
  • 2+ years experience on new MCU ESP32 with which can create complete standalone applications for IoT.
  • Experience of other MCU designs such as AVR, STM32, and others based on this.
  • Experience development drivers for new peripheral ICs, networking and real-time applications.
  • Experience on ESP-IDF, FreeRTOS, LwIP, NewLib, Arduino.
  • Strong knowledge and experience TCP/IP, HTTP, SSL/TLS, MQTT, other networking protocols.
  • Knowledge of communications I2C, I2S, PDM, SPI, SDIO, UART, RS-485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Knowledge in the field of electrical engineering and electronics.
  • Reading and understand the design of schematic and make hardware prototypes.
  • Using conventional hardware development tools (oscilloscope, SPI, JTAG, soldering iron, etc.)
  • Knowledge and experience HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX and techniques W3C DOM.
  • Knowledge and experience C/C++ and PHP.
  • Database design, an expert in optimizing SQL.
  • High level for other languages (Python, Java, Perl, Assembler, etc.)
  • Strong experience with BSD/Linux OS on the system level, and their administration.

Навыки и умения


Tiny HTTPD server as standart component of ESP-IDF

C/C++ C/C++

Very fast response multi thread Finite State Machine, accepted a Websocket connections, secured passwordless two-factor authentication with digest signing.

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Прошивка для ESP32
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