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истекло время актуальности

We are looking for an experienced english speaker 1C developer to create various projects like

Payroll and HR

Integrations with 3rd party applications


Fixed assets register


We are looking for long term cooperation and support

Our company is based in Cyprus

  1. 1 день1 000 ₴
    Dmytro Molochnikov
     379   2  0

    Hi, I am a certified 1C developer with 20 years of experience. In 2017-2018 I collaborated with 1Ci (Moscow) - software development company on English platform (1C:Drive, 1C:ERP, AccountingSuite) - I was a member of Spanish sector group.
    I have the necessary knowledge of IFRS&GAAP principles and EU tax legislation.
    Skype - okolom57.

    Украина Киев | 11 июня в 00:55 |
  2. 1 день500 ₴
    Анатолий Калинин
     339   6  0

    Hello! I have much experience in 1C. I'm working now in 1C-Rarus and our team collaborates with 1C-Germany and 1Ci in USA so English and German are not problem. I'm working with foreign configurations (Drive, Business Suite, Intertrans). Waiting for your response here or in Skype artificial92.

    Украина Киев | 11 июня в 10:45 |
  3. 10 дней19 900 ₽
    ЛЕОНИД Рыбаков
     231  проверен 

    Good day dear Ronis!
    Legal entity, contract, cashless settlement (if necessary), NDA.
    Terminal access to the Database 1C from you.
    Our company is ready to complete the development of your task.
    We are official partners of 1C-Bitrix.

    We offer to discuss the details on Skype.
    We will be happy to answer any additional questions.

    Yours faithfully, the director of LLC RD-Soft Rybakov Leonid.
    Skype: ribatomsk
    Tel: 8 (3822) 33-99-73
    E-mail: [email protected]
    icq 42701164
    WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram +79138539973

    Россия Томск | 11 июня в 22:46 |
  4. 30 дней30 000 ₴
    Олександр Пудовий

    Hello, you find 1C Developer only in Cyprus? Or maybe your interesting remote job?
    I am searching for long term cooperation and support 1C. If you interesting my resume, please write to me.

    Украина Винница | 12 июня в 02:27 |