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English hotel description texts compilation

истекло время актуальности

Based on hotel descriptions (FactSheet or official website) to compile a text. Samples are attached. It is important to use only up-to-date information. Sometimes we send a FactSheet, sometimes it's possible to download it from the website or just use an information from it. In very hard cases it's possible to use information from booking websites like booking.com

Each text should be presented in 2 forms:
1. Website. General description (nearly 1400 symbols) which would have a form of usual text with full sentences, and other parts like 'Location', 'Accommodation', 'Restaurants & bars', 'Facilities', 'Sport &Recreation', 'Spa' where should be given the most important information in a form of list of short collocations. The whole text without subheadings about 2000 symbols or more (no up limit).
2. Brochure. Contains of two parts - General description (full sentences) and 'Facilities and services' (list of short facts). Both together about 1400 symbols (1370-1430).

It is crucial to keep special symbols in names: Malé, Hôtel Barrière, Nikkō.

For now we have a list of more than 100 texts to rewrite. In the future it's couple of hundred more. 


If you are interested, please show in a bet a price and timing for 100 texts.

All conversations about this projects are to be kept at this website in English.

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