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Коллекция ручных веб-сайтов гостиницManual websites collection of the hotels


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    2 дня300 UAH

    Hello, Piotr.
    I would like to help you with this project. I do not have much experience in database creation, but I really want to try. It seems not to be very difficult and I hope I can do it. Please contact me, if you are interested.

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    1 день500 UAH

    Hello, Piotr!
    I have 2 years of data collection experience. One of my projects was collecting information about Residential and Commercial Real Estate (addresses, websites, year of building, etc.)
    I would like to work on your project.
    The price is approximate and depends on how much time is needed to collect your data.

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Have a nice day!

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    1 день500 UAH

    Hello it is interested i have big experience in in searching for information in different categories. Some of them are in the portfolio

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    1 день500 UAH

    Greetings, the essence of the task is clear and ready to perform a test task. I just have to admit right away, English with an interpreter.

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    2 дня500 UAH

    I would like to proceed immediately to the implementation after discussing all the details.
    It would be great to take a look at a table template, with all the necessary columns.
    I will be glad to cooperate with you)

  6. 262  
    2 дня700 UAH

    Hi, Piotr! I have over 5 years experience in data collection. I am ready to complete your tusk.