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Постоянная удаленная работа комирайтера (американский английский)

истекло время актуальности

В связи с расширением штата на постоянную удаленную работу требуется несколько копирайтеров. 

Обязанности: написание статей, кратких обзоров, описаний, отзывов для различных зарубежных компаний.

Очень важно знание американского английского языка.

Для того, чтобы мы могли оценить уровень вашего языка, выполните, пожалуйста, тестовое задание.

Тестовое задание:

For the project Auto holding Hill Side http://www.autoholding.us/used-cars-hillside-nj we need to write small, positive, different review. The company provides trade in services and offeres to buy used car.

About: We have over 15 years of experience helping our customers find the perfect vehicles in Hillside. We are more than just a dealership. We are also a wholesaler and an exporter. On a monthly basis over 50 cars leave our facility and head off to places all over the world. Our team is the best at what we do. We will always deliver the level of professionalism and respect that you deserve and that you would expect from the brands that we provide. The next time you need a high-end premier luxury vehicle or import car, drive passed those other dealers and come to Auto Holding!

More info: http://www.autoholding.us/car-service-hillside-nj

Reviews size: 35 – 50 words.


Used car

buy used car

trade in my car



Auto Holding in Hillside

Employees names:

Miguel Pierre

Kacim amid

Ricky Antoine

Correy Hill

Reviews examples (What we’ve already written them):

1) I visited them on Thursday after shopping online and choosing the car that I want. I bought the Honda civic after test-driving it. The whole experience was great, and my brother and I felt like we made the right choice using this dealership.

2) I bought my daughters first car from this dealership. The service was pleasant and quick. Since my wife and I will both need new cars in the future, we will definitely be back. This is a trusted and recommended dealership.

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