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Сеооптимизация сайтаSeo-optimization of site


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    14 дней5000 UAH

    Hello, I can take Ukranian part. For decision of the final price I need to know how many pages the site contains. Can you show me the URL?

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    2 дня600 UAH

    Hi, I have been an SEO specialist for over 4 years. I have experience with IT, e-commerce, local websites, etc. Сould you send me, please the link to your website. After that, I will tell you how much it will cost.

    1 technical task for copywriter 20$

  13. 1441    30  2   1
    4 дня2000 UAH

    Hello. I can write lyrics for the Ukrainian version. Please provide me details in private messages.

  14. 250  
    30 дней8000 UAH

    Вітаю Вас! Буду радий співпраці на україномовній версії сайту. Сума вказана за місяць роботи. Якщо проект розраховано на коротший термін, то готовий обговорити умови.

    I congratulate you! I will be glad to cooperate on the Ukrainian-language version of the site. The amount is specified for the month of work. If the project is designed for a shorter period, it is ready to discuss the conditions.

  15. 206  
    30 дней200 UAH

    Good afternoon
    I have more than 15 years of experience in SEO, of which 8 years I have been involved in foreign projects. Ready to take on your project, please drop the link, I will prepare a proposal in the form of a detailed work plan, organic traffic growth forecast, search results and competitors analysis.

    Preliminary work plan:

    1. Work on OnPage optimization:
    - Analysis of competitors, their optimization and content;
    - Formation/generation and expansion of CL (semantic core) of queries and their clustering;
    - Analysis of priority pages of the site, preparation of technical specifications and writing texts by a copywriter;
    - Checking new pages of the site and added content.

    2. Link building + crowd marketing:
    - Analysis of the existing link profile, cleaning it from links with bad influence using Google Disawov Links, searching for links to non-existent / non-working pages and setting up 301 redirects to existing ones;
    - Analysis of competitors' link profiles, drawing up a link strategy;
    - Search for sites and placing links in articles, forums, profiles, etc. There is an established base of sites with good performance and traffic.

    3. Technical analysis of the site:
    - Analysis of the site and the formation of technical specifications for the programmer;
    - Checking the fulfillment of the TOR and testing the site.

    4. Work with blog (2/4/6/..) articles:
    - Analysis of information requests and search for topics for the blog;
    - Compilation of technical specifications for a copywriter for writing blog articles;
    - Checking written and posted texts in the blog.

    5. Communication, analytics, position tracking, reporting:
    - Position tracking;
    - Adjustment of promotion strategy;
    - Communication and analytics.

    I will be glad to work with you and achieve good results!

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