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Talented author and blogger

истекло время актуальности

We are currently looking for an Talented Author and Blogger to work full-time remotely.

Basic Responsibilities:

  • Write articles or video scripts on a daily basis
  • Create unique titles and interesting photos for Facebook

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  1. 1 день100 ₴
    Julia Poluliakhova

    Good day!
    It sounds cool and challenging! I am interested in your offer, but for further discussion I need more information and details)
    Skype online 24/7 - bonbonchichek

    Украина Бердянск | 18 октября 2017 |
  2. 1 день200 ₴
    Tanita Laktionova
     664   14   0   1

    Hello Nadezhda,

    I am able to create interesting content for you. Please look through my works in portfolio https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/sagetebelle.html#portfolio.

    Please send me a message here or to my e-mail [email protected]

    I will be glad to our cooperation.

    Best wishes,

    Украина Запорожье | 18 октября 2017 |
  3. 1 день100 ₴
    Ксения Шубенкова
     421   3   0   1

    Hello, Nadezhda.
    I'm extremely interested in this job. My expirience in managing Facebook and Instagram accounts could help to rich your goals. I know how to create unique involving content - both photo and text titles. But need more information about your blog's theme to discuss our collaboration. Feel free to contact me via messages
    email: [email protected]
    skype: Kseniya Shu

    Best regards,

    Украина Запорожье | 20 октября 2017 |
  4. 1 день101 ₴
    Alex Bukarov

    I'm very interested in your project. Above all I'm interested in creative challenges this job is likely to provide. For my part I can offer a certain level of insight into current trends of English-speaking YouTube. I'm also interested in the 'inner workings' and nuances of channel-building.
    I'd be glad to follow up on the discussion of the matter via Skype: m1nus0k; or Telegram: @kakjebit

    Украина Харьков | 21 октября 2017 |
  5. 1 день200 ₴
    Роман Коваль
     219   5   0   1

    Hi there! I am an experienced creative content writer, ready for putting forward some really engaging content that will give you maximum interest from your target audience. Preffered pricing: 100 uah per 150 words. Look forward hearing from you. Kind regards!

    Украина Киев | 23 октября 2017 |

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