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Ux/ui audit of the website

истекло время актуальности

We are looking for UX/UI professional to improve our interface and web application usability.

Here are the steps and reports we expect from a selected person or company:

1. Consumer analysis

- target audience

- the loyalty of the target audience

- identify metrics that are collected and which should be collected

2. The scheme of human behavior in the web application

  - analysis of the path to the information that the user needs

  - compiling and analyzing interactions controls ( buttons, links, inputs etc )

  - UI and User flow

- work with visual display of text information

3. Identification of problem areas in the web app's pages

  - structural analysis of the web application

  - web app graphical analysis

  - identification of difficult to understand site elements

  - identification of obstacles and barriers

4. Primary Competitor Analysis

  - Structural and graphical analysis

  - unique selling proposition (USP)

  - set of modules and functions that our web app missing or work and feel worst than on

    competitor's site

  - external analysis of marketing strategy

5. Increasing conversion rates

   - recommend improvements for the ordering pages and process

   - entrance pages and points analysis

   - recommendations and ideas to increase the conversion rate

   - identify metrics that are collected and which should be collected

We will provide all further detail information to selected freelancer or team in private mode.

We consider experienced professionals only.

  1. 99 дней9 999 ₽
    Дмитрий Козлов
     772   4  0

    Hello. I have been doing functional and usability testing for over 7 years. Ready to begin your task. I can analyze the site, both desktop version and mobile. I will issue a report in any convenient format.
    Can you specify the site address to estimate the cost of work?
    I had experience of similar work. Here are examples
    I analyze the site on the basis of web analytics, according to more than 400 criteria, plus my own criteria for each topic.
    The cost depends on the depth of elaboration and analysis.

    И вот примеры на русском языке, если нужно
    до менее подробных

    Пример юзабилити аудита мобильной версии сайта
    Юзабилити аудит макетов мобильной версии сайта

    Беларусь Минск | 20 сентября в 11:14 |
  2. 30 дней10 000 ₴
    Ivan Shmidt

    Добрый день, готов с вами сотрудничать, есть опыт в тестировании более 2х лет на коммерческих проектах.

    Украина Харьков | 20 сентября в 12:45 |
  3. 5 дней10 000 ₴
    Виктор Кателевский
     509   4  0

    Предлагаю услуги дизайнера.
    Мои преимущества:

    1. Большой опыт работы
    2. Всегда на связи Мои контакты : Skype: designer-hapanini. Почта : [email protected]
    3. Качественный и современный дизайн, внимателен к деталям
    4. Отличные работы в портфолио


    5. Ценю время своих клиентов. Делаю все в срок
    6. Профили на (Behance,Dribbble,FL,Weblancer)

    Украина Львов | 20 сентября в 13:41 |
  4. 10 дней12 000 ₴
    Дмитрий Юзенко
     448  проверен   7  0

    Hi, Sonya.
    Can you send me link of your product?
    Because now, for me very difficult understand what it is? You product it's web-application or web-site?

    I'm have experience in creating interfaces.
    Some my work you will see on this link:

    If you are interested my offer, please contact me.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Phone: +380975296709

    Украина Николаев | 20 сентября в 14:25 |
  5. 14 дней10 000 ₴
    Андрей Плахотин

    My name is Andrey Plakhotin, let's get acquainted :)

    Ready to work on your assignment, I will make high-quality, modern and selling design;)
    I guarantee the adequacy, responsibility and pleasant communication!


    Украина Днепр | 20 сентября в 15:07 |