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Web Designer

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  2.  1 день 1 000 ₴

    CV https://dropmefiles.com/UZm7z

  3.  1 день 1 234 ₴
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    Татьяна, добрый вечер)
    Есть большое желание поработать над сложными и интересными проектами в команде профессионалов!
    Заинтересованна в довольных клиентах, и постоянном сотрудничестве!
    Мои работы
    Жду вас в лс. До связи ;)

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    Заинтересован в вашем предложении. Немного о себе:
    Я UX/UI дизайнер, разрабатываю веб-дизайн, дизайн интерфейсов и дизайн мобильных приложений.
    Так же есть знания в области разработки веб-сайтов (HTML,CSS,JS,PHP,MySQL,Bootstrap 4).

    Инструменты работы:
    Adobe Photoshop с 2013
    Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma с 2017
    Adobe Illustrator с 2017

    Опыт работы:
    - Дизайнер на удаленке с 2017 — 2018
    Разрабатывал дизайн веб-сайтов, баннеров для социальных сетей.
    - Работа на аутсорсе с 2017
    Разрабатывал дизайн веб-сайтов, баннеров для социальных сетей.
    - Работа на Фрилансе с 2018
    Разработка дизайна веб-сайтов, мобильных приложений, интерфейсов программ. Разработка веб-сайтов.

    Мои работы:
    Портфолио Behance:
    Портфолио Freelancehunt:
    Портфолио: https://nerokore.com/

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     1 день 1 000 ₴

    Hi! I'm Web designer, you can see my CV: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rIh_3XlCZcBi0ozQ5UGWJyeuJTqImvdg/view?usp=sharing
    and my portfolio:

  6.  1 день 2 000 ₴

    It would be cool to feel myself extremely smart and talented )))) but key idea in freelance is distance work, not in office.

  7.  24 дня 15 000 ₴

    Hi, I'm a UI/UX designer. I'm looking at a full-time remote collaboration. If you need more information, write me an answer to your questions.

  8.  1 день 3 200 ₴
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    Hi, Tatiana!) I design UX and UI for products of any complexity.

    Fan of cognitive psychology and behavioral design. As a result, you can get products more engaging and focused on the right actions.

    Also I`m able to work independently and run tasks without supervision. If you need to translate abstract requirements into concrete solutions - you are welcome. Just describe the task.

    Good and happy as a team player.

    Some samples of my work:

    Let`s have a talk ;)

  9.  7 дней 10 000 ₴
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    Hello, Tatyana.
    I am interested in cooperation with your company. I have experience in digital marketing design.
    I work with Miro, Figma.
    I also have experience working with sites in Polish, English, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish. It’s not a problem for me to adapt the design to any language of your customer.

    The main direction is website design, web and mobile app, dashboards, banners and printed materials.

    Here is my portfolio, Please let me know more about your projects and style or work


  10.  7 дней 5 000 ₴
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    I am UI/UX designer
    You can find some of my works in my profile. http://
    Feel free to contact me at any time

  11.  1 день 25 000 ₴
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    Hi there! I see you looking for someone like me. I'm professional graphic-web designer and I interested in this work.

    My portfolio:

    If you interested - let me know about it.
    Thank you!


  12.  1 день 1 000 ₴
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    Hi, interested in offering.
    Works -

  13.  3 дня 10 000 ₴

    Здравствуйте, выполню) мое портфолио

  14.  1 день 1 234 ₴

    Hello.Ready to fulfill your order. I have experience in developing site layouts and concepts. Worked on the development of landing pages and mnogostanochnikov. I was engaged in adapting websites for mobile versions. I know the logic of creating websites.

    - Actively use:Tilda, Figma ( I know ideally)
    - I know the basics of typography and composition.
    - I know the current trends in web design.
    my portfolio

  1.  30 дней 20 000 ₴

    I am a UI/UX designer with 2 years of experience. Since the beginning of my career, I have worked with clients from Europe and the USA.
    I have skills for doing UX research, creating user flow, wireframes, prototypes.
    I am a flexible designer: I can create a website design, mobile app design, graphic design, original illustrations, and animation.
    Portfolio -

    Let me know if you're interested