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Serhii Afanasiev

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
5 days 9 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 31 years
registered for 5 months 1 day


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  • 150 USD

    Analytics Configuration for a WooCommerce

    Lead generation and sales
    The main objective of the project:
    Improved tracking of eCommerce events for #FacebookAds and #GA4 .My main task was to set up Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics 4 for the online store specializing in selling home equipment based on Woocommerce.These tools act as strategic sensors, collecting data about customer interactions - product views, adding baskets, and purchases.The advantages:

    1 .Intelligent marketing .Use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel data to optimize advertising costs in effective campaigns.2ndIncreased conversion.Understand the customer’s path, remove obstacles and improve the purchase process to increase sales.This tracking system is similar to a detailed map that facilitates efficient navigation along the customer’s path, optimizes the store’s work and ensures constant customer satisfaction and sales growth.Good sales to you.
    With the best wishes
    by Afanasyev Sergey

    The Woocommerce
    by GA4
    by GTM
    The Pixelfacebook
  • Configuration and work scheme for FB Pixel for the client

    Lead generation and sales
    I have created the FB Pixel event setting scheme for the website,where I fully uncover the step-by-step window of the product purchase and give the user the opportunity to understand all the steps on the company’s website. This allows you to effectively set the retargeting and conduct a full-residence analysis on the site.


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