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Aleksandr Granovsky

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
20 days 21 hours ago
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registered for 5 years


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    Business consulting 2

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    English English: pre-intermediate


    Outsourcing & consulting



    • Marketing and Target

      Marketing research
      Promotion of the company in social networks. Increased brand recognition and lead
    • Sales of courses through video viewing

      Email marketing
      In this work, the task was to increase the views of the video from which people switched to subscription or participate in a webinar. On which the customer closed sales for his courses.
    • Increased personal brand recognition

      Email marketing
      The customer was given the task of testing the audience and collecting primary data on costs for increased recognition. Also download the book and sign up for an account.
    • the sale of goods.

      Email marketing
      The customer has been asked to increase online sales and increase online presence. As can be seen from the screen of the office, the optimal price per click has been achieved and the audience coverage has increased by more than 9 million. and users.


      Recent proposals 10
    Targetologist in the furniture niche
    369 USD
    5-D cinema in Switzerland. Business plan development
    250 USD
    Business Plan for an Investment Company
    19 USD
    Targeting advertising for the site and TG channel
    492 USD
    Target for Instagram Facebook
    295 USD
    Target for Interior Design and Repair Under Key
    246 USD
    FB Target Consulting (Online Courses)
    123 USD
    Facebook Advertising
    246 USD
    Targeted advertising. The Personal Blog
    369 USD
    The Marketing Plan
    738 USD