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Oleksandr Mazurenko

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Ukraine Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine
3 days 10 hours ago
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1 month 7 days ago
1 Client
age 33 years
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Social media advertising
Lead generation and sales 1

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: advanced
English English: upper-intermediate



  • Clothing store. Increased sales by 82% with the help of targeting

    Social media advertising
    After analyzing the main competitors, the client's Instagram profile, and their website, a marketing plan was developed. This plan included advertising in posts and commercial advertising through a catalog on the website.

    FB Pixel was created and CAPI was set up for the website. A product feed and catalog were also created, which was divided into sub-catalogs for advertising different groups of products.

    The next step was the development of creatives, both static and video (separate for female and male audiences), which were tested. The best ones were launched for advertising that stimulates the start of a conversation.

    Next, a catalog advertising campaign was launched, which brought the main income for the client. Recently, dynamic remarketing was launched to improve ad conversion.

    The duration of the advertising campaign was 1.5 months (the collaboration is ongoing).

    Expenses for 1.5 months amounted to $650.

    I cannot disclose the income as the collaboration is ongoing and the client has not given permission for this.

    The project will be supplemented with data.
  • Search for liquid clients for a photographer

    Lead generation and sales
    Advertising was tailored for lead generation, working through a quiz survey, which was more structured as a business card, with examples of work and location selection options. At the end, people left their contact information for ordering a shoot and were redirected to an Instagram account.
  • 250 USD

    Custom kitchen production

    Social media advertising
    Advertisement for the manufacturer of built-in furniture structures, namely: Kitchens, wardrobes, dressing rooms. The main focus was on kitchens.

    During the advertising campaign, 2 marketing funnels were used:
    1) On leads. - A quiz was created and set up, with clarifying questions to screen out irrelevant audience. 37 leads were obtained. Advertising costs (including tests) - $438. Average cost per lead - $11.83.

    2) On direct messages. Costs - $364. Received 95 direct messages from interested users.
  • 150 USD

    Increase the number of subscribers

    Social media advertising
    Increase recognition and subscribers for a Facebook group that sells technology (quality copies).
    $170 spent in a month and received 532 subscribers.
    Price per subscriber - $0.32 per subscriber.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1


All is great, the specialist set up the advertising on social networks nicely, we didn't expect to see such results, we hope that everything will continue to be at the same high level in the future.


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