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Oleksandr R.

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
2 months 5 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 1 year


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HTML and CSS 7
Web design 10


Design & art



  • 150 USD

    Website for the B'Yuti Salon

    Web programming
    Website for the B'Yuti salon. You have the opportunity to find a language and register online.
  • The online shop

    Web programming
    The site is made using the Django framework. It was made a possibility of authorization, adding the goods to the basket, removing from it, you can look at the information about the skin goods so vibrating certain categories. There is also the opening of the API for the REST methodology
  • Website for the publication of articles

    Web programming
    Made with the framework Flask. The usual functionality of a similar site. Possibility to authorize, make publication of articles, look at other articles of other authors in their profile.
  • Website for Courses

    Web programming
    The learning platform is created using Django, HTML/CSS/JS. On the platform there is also the opportunity to publish news on behalf of the administrator. also was set up a system of authorization, signature for the course, deletion of the course from the list of signed. You can also leave comments before the courses and contact the support service for the support form on the site.


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Creating a one-sided landing according to the Figma design
108 USD
Create a one-sided website
22 USD
Website Visitors
108 USD
You need to put a layer on React or Vue.
50 USD
Create a blog and post page on the word press website
150 USD
Adapting a website to mobile devices
50 USD
The site on React
125 USD
The site works
100 USD
Website design, modification of HTML
50 USD
Specialist in React.js
50 USD