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Anna Talanova

Sleeping face
Anna haven't been to the service for a long time.
But Freelancehunt also employs 6954 freelancers in the category Copywriting, who will professionally and on time complete a project of any complexity.

Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
2 years ago
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1 Safe completed
3 years ago
1 Client
age 43 years
registered for 7 years


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    • PR for the Golden Age Fashion

      PR for the Golden Age Fashion — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Copywriting
      Press release for the jewelry brand about the opening of the first store at the new format in Oushn Plaza TRC
    • Excursions on Heat

      Information text for the company engaged in excursions on the heatway in Zaporozhye.
    • Donna Karan - Be Delicious

      The perfume that sweats women and men over 17 years old
    • “Heat” for the ICC by photo

      A series of motivational posts for a photographer speaker before the student's course.
    • 20 USD


      Text for the blog About Us. The buyer approved the text, but when it was filled, it was modified, broken down, left the first and last paragraphs previous.
    • Blog of the beauty portal

      Recommendations for the care of different types of hair. March of 2020.
    • Bio bloggers for the “Manifest” community.

      Complete the section of the site - biographical data about Ukrainian-speaking bloggers who belong to the community MANIFEST. Except for the pad.
    • 11 USD

      Postcard about the cheese manufacturer

      Content management
      Postcard about the cheese manufacturer — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Content management
      Text - part of the content of the group of events on Facebook (First Festival and Market of Agricultural Products in Berdjansk, August 2020, created with the support of USAID). There was an interview with the participant, a unique text was created, posted in the Facebook group, active links were inserted.
    • 11 USD

      Local Farmers Festival

      Content management
      Local Farmers Festival — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Content management
      The page of the event on Facebook is the first festival and market of agricultural products in Berdjansk, created with the support of USAID Ukraine. Writing information and biographical cards about the participants of the festival on behalf of the administrator (Reven Lavka).
    • Bread of Siroid

      Bread of Siroid — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Copywriting
      Article for the division of the online store of private property products.
    • 5 USD

      Writing product cards and person for telegide

      One of the cards created in the framework of the work with the CircuitTV project. The task: to find information, sometimes from foreign sources, if not in the rune, to systematize, write the text, check for the uniqueity, after approval of the text by the editor to publish on the site, apply hyperlinks, fill a photo, video.
    • 62 USD

      Neyming Raw Factory in Izmaila

      Naming and slogans
      Participating in the neyming is like participating in the show "I guess the melody"). The task was not difficult, on the one hand, on the other hand, it is not just to please the customer with whom you want to have a daily feedback and discuss options until the gestalt is completely closed. The result is third place! I think it’s a progress, because I rarely do a full-fledged neyming, and I’m just taking the first steps.
    • 15 USD

      5 Myths of Cruises

      The article collects the 5 most frequently found among the opinions of tourists myths. And the expert opinion was brought about what cruises are and why they should be chosen as an alternative to the Turkish-Egyptian all inclusive.
    • The movie "Summer" about the first steps of V.Toy

      Article writing
      In my blog channel on Telegram, I write sketches about movies and books. In this note - #recension for #film 2018 "Summer" (Russia). This is a #biopic about the legends of the Leningrad #rock club Mike Naumenko and the young musician Victor Coe. A film about friendship, loyalty, support and the Soviet #underground #80x.
    • 5 USD

      Visa-free transit to London for Ukrainians

      Visa-free transit to London for Ukrainians — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Copywriting
      The article reveals the submarine moments of cheap European lockers. In particular, the current case is given when Ukrainians buy cheap air tickets to Schengen, without understanding that the transit through London implies to receive a British visa.

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    29 October 2020 7 USD
    Copywriter / Reader


    Pleased with work. Per not perfect, but on the top of the head of everyone who took the test. I recommend it.


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