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Dmitry Shatko

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
7 months 5 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 38 years
registered for 9 years


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Gaming applications
Hybrid mobile apps

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
English English: pre-intermediate



  • by NimbleFingers

    Gaming applications
    The game that unlikely translated the spirit of the 90s games
    iOS version - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SpiderArt.TimeKiller
  • Magic and Treasures

    Gaming applications
    Magic and Treasures — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Gaming applications
    Game Three in a series
  • by GoFishing2

    Gaming applications
    The fishing game designed for Facebook
  • Table of multiplication

    Gaming applications
    The description
    The trainer will help students play to remember the multiplication table, understand the principle of multiplication and sharing actions, fun and useful to spend time. Game tasks, the original system of incentives, the ability to control and verify the mastered material make the lessons highly productive. Easy music and sound accompaniment will turn learning into an interesting game. The training is developed taking into account the age characteristics of children 6 to 9 years old by professional teachers with a great experience of working with children.
  • Number of

    Gaming applications
    The Numbers! It will help your child to learn.
    Mathematics and acquire the necessary mathematical skills.
  • The Interactive Salehard

    Presentation development
    Interactive presentation of the city of Salehard
  • 156 USD


    Gaming applications
    Game app for iOS and Android
  • 104 USD

    Added Reality for the Magazine

    Added reality made for the game magazine
  • 130 USD

    Presentation of Citroën

    Complementary reality. Presentation of the new Citroen model
  • 52 USD

    Presentation of Mazda

    Presentation of the new Mazda model


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Translate the game from Flash to HTML5
260 USD
Психологическая игра Personal project
260 USD
Разработка приложения 5 Personal project
78 USD
Разработка инетрактивов (софта) на десткую тематику
390 USD
Need to play the Unity Engine.
146 USD
GDD(Game Design Document) для игры слоты и блэкджек
520 USD
Мобильное приложение под Android/ IOS
52 USD
Сделать копию игры
Мобильное приложение ios/android
Виртуальная реальность
2602 USD