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Yevhen Verhovih

Offer Yevhen to work on your next project.

Ukraine Zaporozhe, Ukraine
1 hour 42 minutes ago
answers within 3 hours
Available for hire available for hire
added 64 bids
registered for 4 months 15 days
  • SMM
  • контекстная реклама
  • лендинг
  • lending page
  • lending
  • Google Adwords
  • instagram
  • таргетированная реклама
  • создание landing page
  • реклама в google
  • Реклама в Facebook
  • SMM реклама
  • создание сайта визитки
  • продвижение instagram
  • facebook таргетированная реклама


Successful projects
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Average rating
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Contextual advertising
Social media marketing 5



  • 10 000 UAH

    Landing page

    Contextual advertising
    The creation of Landing. Following it in targeted advertising
  • 3000 UAH

    Takelage work

    Contextual advertising
    Created a landing page for a company that is engaged in the landing work
  • 8000 UAH

    Accounting Services

    Contextual advertising
    Creation of Landing, as well as a Facebook advertising company and further management of the company
  • 8000 UAH

    outsourcing services

    Contextual advertising
    Creating and managing advertising companies in Google Ads and Facebook
  • 2000 UAH

    Arbitration of cryptocurrencies

    Contextual advertising
    Created an advertising company on Google Ads and Facebook
  • 1500 UAH

    Advertising of the diesel generator

    Contextual advertising
    Sales of the generator in Google Ads
  • 2000 UAH

    Sports Home Equipment

    Contextual advertising
    The Internet Store and the Advertising Company Google Ads and Facebook


  Recent proposals 10
Making a very simple website on WP
500 UAH
You need Google KMC.
1000 UAH
Google Advertising Specialist
1500 UAH
Configuration of Adwords
1000 UAH
Advertising of Google
1000 UAH
The website of Tildos
2000 UAH
Analysis of blocked search requests and their recovery in Google Ads
1500 UAH
Context Advertising
1500 UAH
SEO Promotion of the Online Shop
6000 UAH
Promote sites in the search engine google, SEO, Furniture
5000 UAH