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Dmitry Glinyany

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
12 days 8 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 33 years
registered for 4 years


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Social media advertising 1
Lead generation and sales

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: upper-intermediate
Русский Русский: upper-intermediate
English English: pre-intermediate



Design & art



Outsourcing & consulting



  • 88 USD

    Advertising Configuration (Test Period)

    Social media advertising
    In this service include:
    Link all accounts to the advertising office;
    Creating a Facebook business page;
    Creating an audience;
    Set up 1-2 advertising campaigns;
    Assistance with the advertising office analytics.
  • 25 USD

    Unlocking your Ad Account in Facebook ADS

    Social media advertising
    Modular disabling:
    Business manager or advertising office;
    Instagram account if it was linked to the advertising office;
    Create a business page on the FACEBOOK.
  • Creating a Visual for Instagram

    Social media advertising
    Visual development for your Instagram based on your photos or using commodity photos
  • Online English Language School

    Social media advertising
    The client was worried with the problem of the high value of the leads on the site.

    Advertising creativity has been changed.
    Installed on the Pixel website;
    Advertising for new audiences;
    Created advertising campaigns with the aim of converting and neglecting violations on Facebook and Instagram
  • Case shop of brand clothes

    Social media advertising
    The customer turned to the shop, at the time of the start of the cooperation was 20 subscribers.
    What was done:
    • Analysis of competitors;
    • A strategy for promoting the store in the social network. the networks;
    • Creating advertising designs;
    • Starting advertising campaigns with the aim of increasing sales and subscribers in the account;
    • carrying out retargeting and scaling of existing advertising campaigns,

    At the moment, the store has 8,000 subscribers and a stable flow of orders.


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