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Dmitry Semenovsky

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
10 days 16 hours ago
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8 months 16 days ago
1 Client
registered for 7 years


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Contextual advertising 1
Social media advertising



  • 137 USD

    Legal Services

    Contextual advertising
    Advertising of a legal subject is an insurance lawyer.
    Search for narrow-directed requests to attract conversion traffic.
    Optimization and Search Campaigns
    Starting video campaign
  • 100 in Peach

    Contextual advertising
    Detailed categories of services
    -Installed search campaigns #Googleads;
    Local campaign (to attract the relevant audience to the car service;
    Protested smart campaigns;
    Cooperation deadlines over a year, according to the results came out on acceptable indicators on the value of the customer attraction
  • The medical equipment store

    Contextual advertising
    Improved Campaigns
    The search;
    the shopping campaign;
    The Media (Remarketing)
  • Casada Massage Equipment Shop

    Contextual advertising
    shop of massage equipment.
    Implemented campaigns:
    Search for #GoogleAds
    The Medium;
    The goods announcement;
    The PerformanceMax
    - Universal Smart Campaign (for attracting buyers to the offline store);
    Video of InStream
  • Evening Dress Salons INESSA and Medelin

    Contextual advertising
    Starting from 2015, that is the sixth year! Google Ads ads two salons on Poznańak and in the center of Kiev on Leo Tolstoy.
    Currently accounts have the highest quality indicators and bring a stable flow of customers.

    Google Ads Ads:
    Search for Google Maps;
    - Media (Remarketing, audience on the intention of "Wedding" etc.)
  • DJI Quadrocopters

    Contextual advertising
    Google Ads https://dji-kyiv.com/
    Search for #GoogleAds
    #ShoppingAds Goods Advertisements;
    and remarketing;

    The FacebookAds:
    - Advertising for Purpose of Sale, Ladies;
    Dynamic remarketing;

    Cooperation with the customer for more than three years.
  • The Hansgrohe Sanitary Shop

    Contextual advertising
    Google Ads advertising for the healthcare store https://shop.hansgrohe.com.ua/

    Types of campaigns:
    1) Search ( detailed processing and breakdown of search requests on groups)
    2) Dynamic search campaign (automatic display of advertisements based on the content of the site)
    3) Goods Advertisements (Mast-Hev for e-commerce, the main source of profit)
    4) Media (Remarketing, suppression of those users who have not purchased. And if they bought, then we offer them to buy more - additional goods in the form of accessories)

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1

20 March 75 USD
Settings of search advertising and remarketing in Google Ads


Very positive emotions of cooperation with the Executive. The assigned task was done well.
Dmitry clearly, thoroughly explains and puts the emphasis on separate, important, points. It gives its personal recommendations on the setting and optimization of the RK.
I recommend cooperation!


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