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Vyacheslav Ivanchenko

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
1 month 25 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 26 years
registered for 11 months 8 days


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JavaScript 2
HTML and CSS 2

Language Proficiency Level

English English: advanced


🧠💻 Hi there! I'm Vyachelsav, a dedicated freelance frontend developer with over a year of Web Development. I've played a key role in a handful of commercial projects, some of which are full stack web apps.

In addition i am constantly honing my skills with the latest frameworks and libraries, I strive to work smarter and faster, ensuring that I deliver efficient and cutting-edge solutions to my clients.

🤖🤝 Proficiencies:

⦿ React.js: Demonstrated proficiency in working with component-based architecture and utilizing hooks.

⦿ Next.js: Hands-on experience in implementing server-side rendering and static site generation.

⦿ JavaScript: Sound understanding of ES6+ features, asynchronous programming, and proficiency in implementing algorithms.

⦿ HTML5: In-depth knowledge of crafting semantic HTML and adherence to web accessibility standards.

⦿ CSS3: Strong grasp of CSS Grid, Flexbox, and other advanced layout techniques.

⦿ Tailwind CSS: Expertise in leveraging the utility-first CSS framework for efficient and rapid UI development.

⦿ Responsive Design: Adept at creating mobile-friendly websites, ensuring optimal performance across diverse screen sizes.

⦿ Vercel: Acquainted with deploying and optimizing Next.js applications using Vercel, including advanced features such as incremental static regeneration and serverless functions.

⦿ Front-End Development: Well-versed in front-end workflows, proficient in utilizing build tools, and experienced in version control, particularly Git.

🚀 If you're looking for a frontend developer who can bring your vision to life, let's discuss your project further. I'm confident in my ability to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations. Reach out to me, and together, we'll create something amazing.




  • 246 USD

    Site portfolio of Slid Agency

    Website development
    The project is made on Next.js 13. It is TailwindCSS. Hosting is Vercel.
  • 492 USD

    The online shop - PUR

    Website development
    The full-stack project is made under the key on Next.js 14, using TailwindCSS. Integrated CMS Sanity for adding and editing content. Hosting at Vercel.


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