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Yelena Didenko

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Ukraine Vinnytsia, Ukraine
2 days 6 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 5 years


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    HTML and CSS 3
    HTML and CSS 3




    • 74 USD

      The website of iBrain

      HTML and CSS
      Website according to the Macet
    • 600 USD

      The online shop of skyscrapers

      HTML and CSS
      The online shop of knives "Skif". HTML, SCSS, JS, all according to the model
    • A small selection of my cases.

      Social media marketing
      People who understand the marketing will be able to check the authenticity of my cases. It is for you that I have gathered them in a single and beautiful form. There’s not a lot here, but it will allow you to learn a little more about me, about what I can and know.
      Only true stories, reliable numbers and a bit of text.
    • 500 USD

      Advertising of cosmetologist services in Dubai.

      Lead generation and sales
      Advertising of cosmetologist services in Dubai. — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Lead generation and sales
      A total of 19 days and 362 calls.

      Your attention is from the busty sphere.

      The customer owns a beauty salon in Odessa and changes its location once every 3 months in the UAE Dubai.

      The task was as follows: at the time of the customer arrives in Dubai to provide sufficient number of requests, for quality work. GEO - 5 km from the reach radius. The budget for advertising is $15 per day.

      Solutions: Since customer services could be conditionally divided into 4 groups, the advertising company was divided into 4 groups of ads. Each group had its own unique target setting to exclude the intersection of the audience.

      Our customer’s wish was to get leads on WhatsApp. After analyzing the audience, we found that about 50% of the target audience communicates in messenger, 35% in direct and only 15% in WhatsApp.
      To obtain the maximum number of requests, the advertising company was restored and the result did not have to wait a long time.
    • 300 USD

      Sale of Furniture

      Lead generation and sales
      Set targeted advertising for the furniture company.
      Investment in advertising – $64.36
      1553 transitions to the site, 57 new subscribers, 378 calls to the offline store. The revenue of the advertising was $830.74.
    • 74 USD

      Creating a chatbot for your business

      Social media marketing
      This is one of the chat bots, created specifically for a advertising company.
    • 62 USD

      Advertising on Services

      Social media marketing
      Advertising for the provision of services lasted 3 days, spent $8, started 17 passes from which received 7 customers.


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